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Adam Lanza SHOCKING UPDATE – Connecticut Shooting MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER – COVER UP – Sandy Hook Update

By Geno McGahee

The dust is beginning to settle and the pieces are beginning to be picked up by the families that lost family members at the hands of Adam Lanza, a gunman that stormed into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and opened fire.

The morning of the shooting, I listened intently to the news broadcasts and I remembered two things that I had heard then that were never mentioned before. One, the police nabbed a guy in the woods near the school in full camouflage and two, the police chased another man into the woods. Who were these two men and were they involved in this shooting?

As things settled down, the news became more uniform with each station reporting the same details. Some are contending that there was a script given to the newscasters and that they followed it to the letter. As Barack Obama has proven, he will use a tragedy to push an agenda. The machine may have seen an opportunity to benefit from a tragedy and molded the news into what would best suit a gun control agenda. Obama is not alone in this. George Bush did the same exact thing during 9/11, which is the best example of controlled news of recent note.

James Tracy, a professor at Florida Atlantic University has been speaking out against the official story, noting that “much can still be gleaned from the press coverage of Sandy Hook. Most importantly, as with the events of 9/11 that ushered in the interminable ‘war on terror’ and police state, the techniques that have emblazoned Sandy Hook in public consciousness require continued scrutiny if only for the fact that they will almost certainly be deployed to create similar disaster scenarios, likely in the near-term.”

Another allegation that is picking up some steam is the employment of actors and actresses to portray grieving family members of the victims. People became suspicious when these family members were jovial and enjoying the spotlight of speaking to a reporter and being on television. They came off as heartless, but there is now evidence of usage of actors in the past to get a point across and that is the contention here. The matter is still undetermined but the behavior of some of the family members is certainly strange.

The tragedy that morning at Sandy Hook is one of the most senseless events in modern history. Anyone with children can feel the pain and imagine the heartache that an event like that would bring, but the truth is the truth and if there were more than one shooter or more than one “nut” involved, then it must be released to the families and public rather than molding the story into something that will best fit the political agenda that is currently going on.

Stay tuned…

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