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Canelo Alvarez Vs Floyd Mayweather JR DONE DEAL: Boxing Collision Set in Motion: Break Out the Motion Lotion – YA HEARD!

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. My friends, the LEGENDARY Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather JR are going to headline a double-header in May. We all know that Floyd will be taking on Robert Guerrero and now Alvaerz will most likely take on Austin Trout. If they win, the two will go boom boom in the zoom zoom. YA HEARD!

Alvarez is the modern day Julio Cesar Chavez and Floyd the modern day Pernell Whitaker, meaning that we have a great stylistic fight here…the boxer versus the puncher at the highest level, but they must first get wins in May and then let the negotiations begin…and they will.

Remember where YA HEARD it first.

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