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Manny Pacquiao – Ricky Hatton SHOCKER: Pacman PUT ON BLAST: Floyd Mayweather JR, Retirement, Parkinson’s Disease, Steroids & More – BOXING NEWS

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. The LEGENDARY UK star and my friend, Ricky “Hitman” Hatton came out and put Manny Pacquiao on blast, stating that he should retire. Really? Really? Well, Hatton isn’t some keyboard warrior, ass clown, noodle dick like the majority of the Manny Pacquiao fans and fat groupie journalists that are attached to the jock of the Filipino star. No, no, no…he is certainly not. He calls it like he sees it. YA HEARD!

Now the Slobfather, Manny’s promoter, won’t let him retire. Remember where YA HEARD it first people. Slob Arum needs his money train to stay on the tracks and you can bet Dan Rafael’s weight in cupcakes that it will. Manny may just be the next Muhammad Ali and that’s not a good thing. He has shown signs, according to reports, that he has early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Hatton knows about going on too long. He recently was put on blast in his last fight and has decided to call it a day. Good call Hitman. You are doing it RSR style baby. But Manny is scraped off the floor and returned to the ring for another beating? Really? Really? Freddie Roach must need a new pair of running pants. The guy’s a millionaire and he dresses like he shops at Wal-Mart. Get some style Freddie and then maybe we’ll see a girl on your arm. YA HEARD!

Now, this morning I got six trillion and four emails…my inbox just blew up! The most important one was from Thong, owner of MannyLand, the #1 fan site on the net. Thong takes a huge juicy shot in the mouth this week as he spews venom at Hatton for his comments. Here is the most popular segment on line, known as…


“Hey sluts. What do you call lipstick around your (removed)? Ring around the (removed). LOL …I have a million of them! Bukkake central baby and I’m talking about being the middle man! Call Krispy Kreme, I’m their new spokesman. LMAO. Hey, speaking of Krispy Kreme, don’t you just love those fat American pigs that order six donuts and then order a diet Pepsi? That is hilarious! Drop dead porky.

Now I see Ricky Hatton has demanded Manny’s retirement…shut up you stupid Brit! Live, die, permanently damaged…doesn’t matter…I need ratings! Manny is the only fighter that I can milk the right way and if he hangs’em up, what do I do then? Huh? I will have to wear women’s clothing and become a streetwalker like I used to do before I opened MannyLand. That was the first time that I met Bob Arum. Just Kidding! Don’t want to piss off my BFF, Arum.

So, I big hug to my BFF, Arum, and a big FU to you Hatton. Mind your jizzness…I mean business.”

Is Hatton Right? Should Manny Pacquiao retire?

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