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Adam Lanza: SANDY HOOK CONSPIRACY – Actors, Suspicious Activity & More – Connecticut Shooting Update – 9/11 Similarities

By Geno McGahee

Shortly after the tragedy at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, there began whispers of a conspiracy. With 9/11 there really is no question that something fishy went on before, during and after, but with this I suspected that those conspiracy theorists on the fringe, ready to label anything the work of the government, illuminati…etc…was just creating something out of nothing.

Adam Lanza was labeled the “lone gunman” at Sandy Hook, killing 26 people, and then himself. It was an act that was senseless and cruel, especially when you factor in that 20 of the deceased were young children. As a father of two young ones, I can’t imagine the pain that any family would endure should they be forced to deal with something like this. School is supposed to be safe for children and that factored into the fear that many of us felt after this incident. It rattled us, much the way that the sniper attacks in Washington did. These were attacks on places that were public and seen as safe. This was terrifying.

Like the 9/11 attacks and conspiracy theories that surround it, this tragedy began to sprout similar things, but what motive would the machine the runs the country have with the deaths of children? Well, gun control is being pointed to, and the behavior of those that are pushing for it is disgusting. The continued photo opportunities for President Obama mixed with his wiping away of no tears as he demanded gun control is sickening. I’m not a gun owner, but the people that are demanding the public handing them over don’t seem to realize that when you take away one right, you are moving onto others. It will be the first brick in the road.

There is now a contention concerning the families of the victims and their interviews immediately following the deaths of their loved ones. Robbie Parker is getting plenty of press for his hysterical laughing turned incredible sadness when he realized that the camera was on him as he talked about the murder of his daughter. This is very odd behavior and there are many now insisting that he is an actor and he was just giving a performance here. When you combine his suspicious delivery and an alleged photo-shopped family picture of the Parkers, questions begin to arise. Is this Parker family for real?

More curious is the Phelps family, Laura and Nick. The duo stood there and began forcing emotion out as they talked with the news. An allegation came up that they weren’t actually Laura and Nick Phelps, but were Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton and Richard Sexton. When you compare the images of the “Phelps” to the Sextons, the resemblance is uncanny. An audition video of Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton has shown up on YouTube and she is identical to Laura Phelps. This is very compelling.

Another person of interest is Veronique Pozner, a woman that claims to have lost her son during the attack, but has used the tragedy to push gun control and also to lift the restrictions on medical histories and medications that a person may be on. Pozner reportedly had a son named “Noah” that was killed in the tragedy, but Pozner has no pictures of him on her Facebook and no pictures with him in any photograph. Her demeanor after the tragedy and her push for these regulations to go through as a concerned and grieving mother are very suspicious.

To those that will contend that the government would not use deception or a tragedy like this to get what they wanted, and the idea of using actors and actresses is absurd, but if you rewind to 1990 and the baby incubator hoax that led to Desert Storm. Nayirah or “Nurse Nayirah” claimed that Iraqi soldiers were taking babies and throwing them on the floor and letting them die. George Bush SR would plead to the people that this must stop, but Nayirah’s last name was Al –Sabah and she was the daughter of Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US. It would later be said that she was coached by US acting coaches to give that emotional performance.

Much like the opinions that deviated from the 9/11 attacks and the official story, those that have been different and challenging the official story of Sandy Hook have been met by anger and mockery. There are going to be segments of the population that will believe strange things that are baseless, but that is not the group that should be focused on. If there are questions that surround an event, they should be answered with something other than a “you’re crazy,” which is the typical response by those that sit in front of the television and nod along with the news every night.

The history of propaganda that is planted into the news is documented and it is more prevalent now than ever before. The questions that surround Sandy Hook should be addressed and should it be discovered that actors have been paid or recruited to play the roles of grieving family members, those hiring them should be called on it. I don’t think that there is any dispute that children were killed that day, but with what weapon and the number of shooters are questionable. At this point, all theories should be scrutinized and either dismissed or validated without backlash from those that believe everything that they hear and refuse to entertain any other notion outside of what the man on the newscast told him. Sift through the nonsense.

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