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John Cena, The Rock, Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho Return & CM Punk: ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS – WWE NEWS

By Dani Mitchell

Ahh, the first stop on the road to Wrestlemania. We all knew that Ziggler had to pick entry one or two… so of course being a show stealer, he picked number one..

Everyone anxiously awaited to see who would be number two, and that’s when the room got dark and we heard it: BREAK THE WALLS DOWN. Yes, Chris Jericho made an appearance to come back at his rival Ziggler. Honestly, when that music hit, Jericho got the biggest pop of the night! The crowd went crazy…it was a bigger pop then the even The Rock. Jericho and Ziggler have a great thing going, I’d love to see more from the two of them.

The Rumble had 2 other surprise entries… Goldust and The Godfather. The Godfather was more there just for the comedic purpose, and was eliminated immediately, but Goldust was surprisingly fun to see; Mainly because him and his brother Cody Rhodes immediately went at it. It would be pretty great to see a feud continue between the brothers.

The Rumble was great though for watching Jericho and Ziggler last as long as they did. They really kept the crowd on their feet. Ziggler was close to elimination more times then I could count, and Jericho was breaking out his walls of Jericho. It was great to watch them. They were definately the highlights of the Rumble.

I have a problem with how the Rumble ended though…Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback were the final 3 in the ring. Yes, you heard me right, all faces…NO HEELS! It would have been great to have heel Ziggler in the final 3 or even Jericho to make you think Jericho was turning heel again, something to keep it interesting, but once it got down to those 3, you knew that the WWE was giving Cena the push. What a shame. The match started with great promise and ended with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Team Hell No pulled off a clean cut victory over Team Rhodes Scholars. I have a problem with this. This would have been the perfect time for Cody and Sandow to finally win the belts. Having them lose over and over again to Team Hell No, makes them look weak and makes the credibility of the duo drop. I mean how many chances are they going to get at the belts? Isn’t it time for Team Hell No to go their seperate ways.

If they would have lost, then in the Rumble when Daniel Bryan eliminated Kane, only to be thrown on to Kane and have Kane drop him to cause Bryan to be eliminated it would have made sense for the two to start a new feud and to go their seperate ways. Sigh, I do not know where the WWE will go with them now.

Big Show was defeated by Del Rio. This cemented Del Rio as a face. The match was great, high energy the whole time. Del Rio and Rodriquez are really a dynamic duo. The match was able to show the loyality of Rodriquez to Del Rio when he duct taped Big Show’s feet to the ropes while Del Rio put him in the cross arm breaker. Big Show was unable to free himself causing him to be counted down.

The match for the WWE championship. Punk and Rock two completely different styles really made it a great match. Punk’s stamina and agility versus The Rock’s size and strength. The two exchanged blow after blow…Punk seemed to have the upperhand for a lot of the match but looked as though he might have tweaked his recently recovered knee.

It didn’t stop the champ from performing some risky, highflying moves. When the Rock did seem like he was gaining some momentum the lights went out. You couldn’t see them, but you knew it was The shield. The Rock was left powerbombed through the announcer table. Punk drug him into the ring, made the pin and was announced the winner.

The celebration was short lived though. Mr. McMahon made his way out and was about to strip him of the title, but The Rock insisted they restart the match, so they did. The Rock made a comeback of epic proportions, you don’t see them too often but very similar to a Hulk up, or a Cena recovery.

He performed his finisher and pinned the champ. So tonight we will say hello to a new WWE Champion, The Rock. Obviously, we knew the Rock was going to come out victorious after Cena winning the Rumble… Leading up to another Rock Vs. Cena Wrestlemania. This is so disappointing. I really would have loved a longer, more bitter rivalry of CM Punkvs. The Rock and have them two in Wrestlemania main event.

With CM Punk losing the title, and The Rock heading towards a match with Cena at Wrestlemania, where does that leave Punk? What will they do with our beloved heel now?

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