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Heavyweight Boxing News: Canadian Joey DaWjeko IN IT TO WIN IT

Heavyweight prospect Joey DaWejko (7-1-2, 3 KOs) makes a quick return to the ring as he will face another undefeated fighter in Didier Bence (6-0, 2 KOs). The 6-round bout promoted by Yvon Michel’s GYM Promotions in association with Boxing 360, will take place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 8.

DaWejko fought four hard rounds against Jarrell Miller (4-0-1, 4 KOs) in his last outing. The bout ended in a draw with DaWejko winning the final two rounds. Miller was deducted two points for excessive shoving.

With the Miller fight behind him, DeWejko now looks forward to facing Didier Bence on his home turf.

“Miller was a tough fight as I was up against another undefeated opponent, but I showed I can compete with the bigger heavyweights,” said Dewjko. “He was using his K-1 tactics to put me in awkward positions and it cost him a couple of points. Maybe sometime in the future Miller and I can fight again if he chooses to stay in boxing.”

“My whole focus is on Didier Bence and how I’m going to prepare for this fight. Again, I’m facing another undefeated fighter in his own backyard and I’m confident I’ll come out victorious. I’m a throwback fighter who likes to take on the toughest challenges out there. Every time I step in the ring I’m learning something new about myself and I’m gaining more confidence with each fight. I’m looking forward to February 8th.”

Mario Yagobi of Boxing 360 stated, “Joey has had two tough fights in a row against very formidable opponents. Miller is a K-1 fighter and his constant shoving proved to be detrimental in his fight with Joey, but we can look into doing the rematch on a later date. Right now Joey is going to take on Bence in Montreal with the hopes of improving his record. DeWejko is showing that he has the heart and desire to compete with anyone in the heavyweight division.”

For information on Joey DeWejko please visit www.boxing360.com.

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