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SANDY HOOK HOAX, Adam Lanza Update, James Holmes Drugged & More – Gun Control Motive

By Geno McGahee

The media is now demanding the medical records for Adam Lanza, accused shooter at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut. The reasoning makes sense in a way. People want to know what drugs he was on, if any, and if there are any genetic traits that would lead a person to become a killer. The problem is that once the door is opened, it can’t be shut. The more we delve into the privacy of those we do not care for, the more we open ourselves up for the same practice. The idea of an “evil gene,” made popular by a few churches, mostly, is a scary one. If they were to pick something genetically ‘evil’ about Lanza and determine that its present in somebody constitutes risk, we may see some people rounded up that have nothing wrong with them.

The ongoing gun control debate was kicked into gear after the two shootings…the DARK KNIGHT shooting in Colorado at the hands of James Holmes, allegedly, and then the shootings in Connecticut by Lanza, allegedly. The non-existent tears of Barack Obama were wiped away as he put forth his demands for gun control. Every government that wishes to rule by dictatorship begins with gun control. The Philippines is a good example and so is Nazi Germany. Hitler also made a point to pose with children, smiling, while the rights of his people were quickly extinguished…and then it accomplished far worse things. I’m not a gun owner, don’t have any weapons in my home, but with the violent crime rate dramatically down and with the majority of crimes being committed by illegal guns, it makes no sense to take away weapons from law abiding citizens.

If you watch the news, there is a huge emphasis on pushing any gun violence stories to the top of the coverage. There was a story recently about a woman in the Bronx that shot a man that was trying to break into her home and kill her and her child. She used her weapon for self defense and shot the man. This story got no play. Instead, we see story after story about gun violence, but over 75% of gun violence in the country is gang related. There is an effort to make it seem that if you leave your house, an Adam Lanza will be waiting for you.

There is more and more evidence that comes forward regarding the Sandy Hook shooting, and it is raising questions. Much like 9/11, ANY question of the official story will get the typical angry response. So, know that if you examine the evidence and draw your own conclusion that deviates from the official story, you will be snapped at. It’s the way of the world.

Much like 9/11, I didn’t question the official story initially. I was angry and hoped that we would take action to stop the bad guys, but as the anger passed, I began to examine information and draw my own conclusions. Sandy Hook was a terrible tragedy and the first reports vary dramatically from the story that has come together now.

When things first went down, there was a report of 3 shooters and also 3-4 others that were in a van, wearing ski masks and possibly dressed like nuns. After two to three others were apprehended by authorities, it was eventually determined that Lanza acted alone, despite the fact that three of his car doors were open outside of the school. This implies that there was somebody else in the car…possibly two.

Let’s throw out the idea that we have government involvement in the killings itself and just look at the aftermath. Would the government twist information to get what they wanted? Here’s a quote to digest:

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” — White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in November, 2008.

Another curiosity with the Sandy Hook case is the unquestionable photoshopped pictures that are put out to the public as “family photos” of the families with their deceased children. The Parkers’ family pictures are without question altered and why would that be? Their daughter, ‘Emilie’ that was allegedly killed at Sandy Hook is in the photos but she is so obviously added and when you compare two family photos, you will notice that the parents age 10 years and the kids seem younger…as if they are actors and just pose for different shots to get gigs. The contention is that they are actors and when you consider the lack of emotion and picture fakery, you have to consider it. This is some strange stuff.

I covered a great deal of the oddities surrounding the Sandy Hook tragedy in my prior articles, but I didn’t touch upon the Colorado shooting…another strange one involving an intelligent young man snapping. James Holmes was articulate and incredibly smart. He enrolled in the competitive graduate neuroscience program in June 2011 and won the prestigious National Institutes of Health grant. He was incredibly intelligent…not the bumbling moron that we see in court.

The question has to be asked. Why is Holmes acting like he’s drugged in court? Is it a tactic by his lawyer, did his mind fry, or is he being forced into a role that they want him to play. He needs to be the crazy lone gunman, depsite the fact that tear gas was thrown from two directions and original eye-witness reports claimed 2-3 shooters. It should also be noted that there was a second gas mask discovered and that somebody had to let the shooter into the theater.

The problem with the information that is out there is that there is a knee jerk reaction by the majority of the public to mock it, ignore it, and never take in any information outside of what the mainstream media is reporting. The facts are the facts and that is what needs to be explored. Anderson Cooper, a known liar, has come out hard against anyone asking questions and is bullying his viewers into the mindset that if you don’t believe the story that he’s telling, you are a complete idiot. That is the message sent out by most major networks at this time.

Adam Lanza, missing for three years before showing up to blow away 26 people, and James Holmes, an intelligent young man with a father that is angering the big banks, showed up at a movie theater to kill a bunch of innocent people for no apparent reason. Both Lanza and Holmes need to be given the benefit of the doubt here and the situation must be judged by the facts. Holmes was reported to be in a daze and did not resist arrest. His mother that said “you got the right one” to ABC did not say it in regards to her son. They twisted it to support the story. Both incidents need to be investigated because the verdicts have already been released by the public: both are guilty. Now, we can move onto gun control.

Both shootings were absolute tragedies, but people need to look beyond their emotions and search out more information before drawing any conclusion and before agreeing to give up any freedom that we may have. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

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