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Manny Pacquiao News: STEROIDS SHOCKER – FORCED RETIREMENT – Floyd Mayweather JR, Juan Manuel Marquez & Bob Arum Boxing News

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. I was at this fair last weekend and these six dozen hot models came up to me and said in unison: “Aren’t you Vinman?” I said “ya heard” and I proceeded to show them pictures of me and my LEGENDARY friends that I had on my cell phone. They were so impressed and it proves that the Vinman has fans EVERYWHERE! YA HEARD!

Manny should be forced to retire before he gets hurt. Bob Arum, the Slobfather, wants to push for a Marquez rematch. Really? Really? Nice try fella. The emphasis should be on protecting the health of Manny. If he gets a few more marbles loosened upstairs that goofy smile of his will grow even wider. He may even be so far gone that he wants to record another album!

There were rumors that Marquez was on steroids. He’s clean…well, about as clean as every other athlete out there. They all do it. Remember when Hulk Hogan used to take a prick in the ass. He also took steroids. YA HEARD!

Now, Thong from the #1 fan site for Pacquiao “MannyLand” has some choice words for Pacquiao…


“What up sluts? Yeah, Manny lace up those gloves and get in the ring and I will cha-ching with the ad money that I make on my site! LOL! Yeah, I have plenty of fat slobs that just send me their shit articles to run and then I take the rest. Swiper stop swiping? Yeah, f**k you! I’m going to take what I want and if you don’t like it, sue me! I have a lawyer too! LMAO. Keep fighting Manny and keep it real you American hillbillies!”

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