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Undertaker WRESTLEMANIA OPPONENT SHOCKER – CM Punk, Randy Orton, John Cena & More – WWE News

By Dani Mitchell

Old school RAW last night pulled out all the stops. The stage was set complete with vintage style barriers and ring. Jerry “the King” Lawler even wore his King like appareal and crown! It was great to see everything play out so well. The most old school item though was when the show started, the lights went out and you heard the GONG, and here came The Undertaker. This is by far the sign that Wrestlemania is quickly approaching.

Obviously after the sighting of the Undertaker, everyone wanted to know who would the Phenon be facing at the grandest stage of them all. Everyone was expecting CM Punk, who came out and said he was going to steal from the WWE Universe. He boasted that he would steal the beloved Streak that everyone has come to know and love. He said he challenged the Undertaker.

Then Randy Orton came out and he told Punk that he deserved to fight Undertaker. If that wasn’t enough then Big Show came out and bragged that with his KO Punch he would end the streak. Finally Sheamus came out, declaring he earned the right to fight Undertaker.

It was announced that there would be a fatal four way to determine who would get to take on The Streak at Wrestlemania. Fast Forward to the match. It was entertaining, nothing all that spectacular.I don’t care much for fatal four ways, there is too much going on and they just seem to be kind of lackluster.

Anyways, CM PUNK was able to pin Randy Orton and will take on the Undertaker. The best part of the entire match was after his win, the Undertaker came out and the two stared each other down. Punk vs. Undertaker is completely going to steal the show away from Cena vs. Rock II.

Cesaro was taken down by Ryback. What a shame. Cesaro is a strong, solid athlete and they are making him look like a chump. He does things we have never seen before, then you have him lose to someone like Ryback who in my opinion is all muscles and no ambition. If Ryback had ambition he might put some more effort into learning how to wrestle instead of being so stiff. Maybe next time Cesaro. On the way out though, Ryback passed Mark Henry. I say let those two duke it out. Atleast it would interesting to see Ryback job out a little to Henry.

Henry pinned Ryder. I refuse to even right about this match. It lasted a total 3.5 seconds, and it was a ridiculous match. Why are they making Ryder job week after week to men like this. Atleast give the kid an opponent that you think he has a chance of beating!
In an unbelievable turn of events, The Miz made Ziggler tap out. Yes, Ziggler tapped to The Miz. I was in shock. How does this even happen. If this is what we are going to see of Ziggler , I am just going to sit here and shake my head. What are they going to do next week have him hand over the money in the bank contract on a silver platter? Really.

The Rock and Cena went back and forth on the Mic. I was a tad disappointed. The Rock really was comical but I was hoping for more of a heated exchange. I was even hoping that Cena would break out with the Doctor of Thugnomics, as much as I hate that character it makes for an entertaining pairing with the Rock. I am hoping for a much more heated rivalry as the month goes on.

Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, and Hacksaw came out to the ring and were quickly defeated by Jack Swagger who layed them all out with Hacksaw’s two by four. Good to see the go-to reliable legends back in the Ring but wish they would have taken down Swagger, it would have been more entertaining to watch!

Team Hell No faced Primetime Players. The Million Dollar Man was there ringside to see if he wanted to manage the Primetime Players, but after a disappointing loss, The Million Dollar Man stuffed a $100 dollar bill in Young’s mouth and laughed that iconic laugh. The best part by far was Daniel Bryan sneaking back to ring and stealing the $100 from Young’s mouth. Talk about humiliation for the Primetime Players.

Triple H came out and challenged Lesnar to a match at Wrestlemania. He talked about the fact that he has to protect his family and for the pride of them. So I am guessing we will hear from Lesnar soon.
The New Age Outlaws came out and wiped the mat with Primo and Epico. They looked just as good as when they were in their prime. I was very impressed with the pair. It really made you feel like this was what the Old School Theme was all about. NAO could probably compete and hang with the young tag teams and eventually become champs again. Wouldn’t that be something to see.

All in all, it was a great night to see legends and see what is in store for us at Wrestlemania that is a little over a month away! Undertaker Vs. Punk and Lesnar Vs. Triple H, both announced last night are definately going to be showstoppers.

Until Next time kiddies, wrestle on.

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