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Adam Lanza Update & 12-Year-Old ARRESTED: School Shooter, Prank Call & More – BREAKING NEWS

By Geno McGahee

A 12-year-old boy was arrested in Minnesota for making a prank call, which prompted the school to go into lockdown. A 911 call came in this morning and the caller claimed that there was a shooter with an AK-47 inside of the school and that several people have been shot.

With the Connecticut shooting still fresh on everyone’s mind, there are no chances being taken. The police department realized that this was a prank call after a thorough investigation and tracked down a 12-year-old that was responsible.

There is no word as to why he made this call or what punishment will be administered to the child, but there are plenty of people ready to throw the book at him. The name “Adam Lanza” keeps coming up with this story, but the two incidents are a far cry from each other. This seems like a stupid move by a child, more than anything else.

Stay tuned…

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