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9-Year-Old Car Accident Survivor Hikes to Safety: Father Dies – LOS ANGELES SUV CRASH UPDATE

By Geno McGahee

A tragic car accident in southern Los Angeles, left 35-year-old Alejandro Renteria dead. His SUV would tumble down a 200 foot canyon, leaving little hope for any survivors, but Renteria’s 9-year-old daughter would climb out of the wreckage and seek help. She found a home 1000 feet away but nobody answered the door.

The girl would return to her father to check on him. She would resume her hunt for help and would be discovered by a passing motorist, who would notify police. She was taken via helicopter to Children’s Hospital in LA and was in “good condition”.

It was discovered that Renteria was returning from a party and that the winding roads may have caught him by surprise, causing the SUV to roll several times before coming to a stop. Alcohol has not been ruled out as a cause of the accident.

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