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Charles Manson Cell Phone SHOCKER: Gray Wolf BUSTED – Craig Carlisle Hammond, Manson Follower, Gets Arrested

By Geno McGahee

Charles Manson, one of the most infamous and interesting serial killers of all time still has many followers. One of these followers, Craig Carlisle Hammond, 63, was arrested on Sunday as he attempted to bring Manson a cell phone.

The illegal device was described as a “wrist watch cell phone”, which was discovered by the guards in Hammond’s possession. Hammond goes by the name “Gray Wolf,” a distinction bestowed upon him by Manson. It’s a tribute to the charisma of Manson that he can still find plenty of people to put their own life and freedom in danger by helping him and doing his bidding.

Manson has been caught with cell phones before and for a guy like Manson, he needs to communicate. He loves the attention and loves the limelight, which we give him. He appeals to the darker side of human nature and speaks well enough to snow people like Gray Wolf.

At 78-years-old, Charles Manson, may not have that much time left on this earth. He is remarkably eligible for parole, but the odds of getting it are slim, even at his advanced age. I’m not sure that he would want to be released.

In 1969, Manson, a struggling musician, found his fame amongst a group of hippy misfits, became their leader, and masterminded the deaths of Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles. The brutality involved made it front page news and the location of the massacre shocked the nation. This was supposed to be a safe upper class area and Manson rattled that perception.

Gray Wolf owns the copyrights on the music of Manson, which is still popular, much like the paintings of John Wayne Gacy and creations of other killers. Those creations are often a window into the minds of these madmen and appeals to our need for the macabre.

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