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FILM FESTIVAL NEWS: Scared Stiff Halloween Film Festival Launched – Breaking Movie News

By Jim Minkle

Horror filmmaker, Geno McGahee, has just announced that he has founded the “SCARED STIFF HALLOWEEN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.” The festival will take place on the weekend of October 25th and 26th and there has been a worldwide call out for entries.

McGahee noted that the festival would be “open to all horror,” noting that there is an “entertainment value” category, where certain technical flaws and other elements will be overlooked should the film prove to keep the attention of the viewers. The festival has also been priced at a much lower rate than most with $25.00 being for the full length movie/screenplay submission and $15.00 for the short length/screenplay submission.

The festival will have many other features, including vendor tables, and an overall Halloween town event that is anticipated to draw a large crowd.

To learn more about this festival and how to submit your film, click here:

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