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Team RSR Fight Picks: Miguel Cotto vs. Yuri Foreman

Compiled by Brian Wilbur

This Saturday, June 6th, championship boxing returns to the historic Yankee Stadium in New York. Established star Miguel Cotto, fresh off of his super fight against Manny Pacquiao, will move up in weight to the 154 pound junior middleweight class to challenge WBA title holder Yuri Foreman. Cotto has been a regular on HBO for many years and has a long, impressive resume against name opponents. Many, though, are wondering how much the grueling 12th round TKO loss to Manny Pacquiao has taken out him.

Foreman is far less proven or established compared to Cotto and is new to championship level boxing. Yuri won his belt in his last fight; a surprisingly easy unanimous decision against Daniel Santos, where the feather-fisted Foreman was even able to score two legit knockdowns. Aside from his title clinching fight, Foreman’s record is filled with second and third rate opposition. Yuri’s first title defense against Miguel Cotto is a big step up in class and the biggest fight of his career by far. The big question: is he up for the challenge? The team of writers at RSR offer their answers.

Brian Wilbur

Yuri Foreman used to be a tailor made Miguel Cotto opponent. Foreman is not particularly fast or overwhelming and he doesn’t have the power to keep Miguel honest. Cotto used to get inside using his underrated skills and bludgeon opponents like this with ease. However I am not so sure that Foreman vs. Cotto will play out according to that old script. I believe that Miguel has lost a step from the beatings he has received and he has a disturbing trend of getting tired and fading late in fights. Foreman will make him chase and expend energy round after around to get past the jab. Add that to the fact that Yuri is bigger and therefore will be able to absorb Cotto’s punches. Miguel Cotto gets off to a fast start, possibly even scoring an early knockdown, but fades dramatically over the course of the fight, ultimately losing a close decision. Foreman by decision.

Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Yuri Foreman is significantly bigger, an excellent tactician, and at the peak of his powers. Miguel Cotto has been in some grueling wars and is coming of the Pacquiao shellacking. It’s hard to pick him based on all of the variables and given that we don’t know what the loss to Pacquiao may have taken from him. A few weeks back Manny Steward called this a 50/50 match-up. Earlier this week he see’s it as 60/40 in Cotto’s favor based on Miguel’s sudden effectiveness in sparring and cutting off the ring. My head tells me that Foreman should take this one, but Cotto is a special fighter and he’s aware that time is quickly running out. I’m going on the intangibles here and picking Cotto to take a controversial upset split decision – despite what my head tells me.

Eoin Redahan

Yuri Foreman may have considerable advantages in terms of height, reach, and weight, but I think he will struggle against Cotto. The Puerto Rican still harnesses prodigious strength, and Foreman doesn’t have the power to wear him down in the manner of Margarito or Pacquiao. Cotto doesn’t belong in the top tier of technicians, but he still boasts an impressive skill set and resume. I think we’ll see a sharp Miguel Cotto winning by unanimous decision.  

Joe Wilson

Yuri Foreman will not be an easy opponent for Miguel Cotto. However, with the combination of having to make a statement and the hiring Emanuel Steward as trainer, I believe going down the stretch, Cotto will press the action and get Foreman out of there in nine. Cotto by KO in 9 rounds. 

Gina Caliboso

I’ve always liked Miguel Cotto and he’s always showed a lot of toughness in his bouts against both Pacquiao and Margarito.  Cotto needs to use his jab against Foreman.  But Foreman’s hand speed and power can be overwhelming especially in combination. 
Prediction: Foreman in 10 rounds by TKO.

Geno McGahee

I’m reluctantly going with Miguel Cotto via late stoppage because Foreman doesn’t have the power to concern him, but Foreman is a live underdog that could easily pull an upset UD.   Cotto by TKO in 10.

SJ Jarapa

Yuri Foreman by KO in round 4! If I get this right, I want your autograph! 

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Yuri Foreman by unanimous decision.

Dan “Tex” Cohen

Foreman is green as can be.  I actually really like the Boxing rabbi, but I don’t think he is quite an “A” fighter.  Then again, he has size and reach advantages on Cotto.  The last time I picked a bigger but less talented warrior to keep pace with Cotto?  Alfonso Gomez.  Of course, we all know how that one turned out.  The deciding factor here is whether or not Cotto has lost a step from the beating he took in his win against Clottey and his losses to Pacquiao and Margarito.  I have Cotto by close decision, with Foreman taking some rounds with excellent boxing skill.  Expect this one to be on either side of a draw, and expect Cotto to get the nod amidst a biased crowd of Puerto Rican diehards unable to be seen in any venue outside of Puerto Rico… or the great Madison Square Garden.

Jeff Stoyanoff

It seems unlikely that Cotto will be able to put his punches together against Foreman who not only moves well but is the bigger man.  This bout should be a chess match.  However, Cotto is hardly lost in a tactical boxing match.  Cotto is a huge step up in terms of talent for Foreman and that world class talent will allow him to beat Foreman at his own game, but just barely.  Cotto by split or majority decision.

Lawrence Owens

I am a fan of Cotto when it comes to his boxing…He displays the tools that I’m attracted to…Relentless body puncher(ala Mike Mccallum) but what I don’t like is his tendency to be over confident. Yes, you know you are good, we know you are good,…Maybe even the guy you are fighting knows as well….The fight with Ricardo Torres just won’t get out of my mind…I also like tall/long fighters who know how to fight that way which brings me to Foreman…On a roll right now…Doesn’t make himself a target…Always on the move (just like a Baby Daddy)…What about his Chin???…Has it really been tested?…Cotto looks slower, but Pacquiao will make blinking seem slow…Foreman seems to be in control when he’s in the ring….My heart is saying Cotto.  I think he gets it together and wont underestimate Foreman and in the end, stops him in the 9th round…My car note depends on it!

Grim X.

Yuri Foreman by Dec.

Final Tally
Miguel Cotto – 7
Yuri Foreman – 5

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