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John Cena WWE SHOCKER: Ryback, CM Punk & More – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. As I was driving my Harley up the coast man, my cell phone went ring-a-ding and it was my brother in the mask. He gave me the scoop dude and it has to do with John Cena and his feud with Ryback, that monster of a man.

The WWE big wigs haven’t handled Ryback the right way brother. He began as an unstoppable force and now everyone and their grandmother can beat him. So, what should the company do man? They can’t have him beat Cena. Cena just got back into the game with his win over the Rock at WM 29. You can’t kill his momentum already. Ryback should have been put back on the path of destruction brother.

CM Punk may just get the winner here. Vinnie Mac was happy with his match with the Dead Man at WM 29 and his loyalty to the company brother. That pays dividends man. A Cena – Punk match is going to be the next big thing. Ryback will have to be the gate keeper brother. Maybe tag him up with another monster and have them run over the tag teams of the world the way that the Undertaker and Kane used to.

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