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Brock Lesnar Vs Undertaker: WWE Wrestlemania SHOWDOWN Examined: WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. I was driving on my Harley man and my cell phone went ring-a-ding brother and I thought it may have been that chump, Hulk Hogan, sending me more pictures of his injured fingers or the Ultimate Warrior begging me to buy more of his comic books man. It was my brother in the mask and he asked me: “Masked Man, how do you see the Undertaker – Lesnar match at Wrestlemania?”

Brock Lesnar is the master of the F5 and brings youth into the game. He has owned the UFC and the WWE and is one of the biggest draws this game has ever seen man. The Undertaker has that undefeated Wrestlemania streak and has become the face of the WWE for over 25 years brother. He is looking to drop that “0”, but he needs to give the honor to the right guy and Lesnar, if they can get over their personal differences, is the right guy.

This match is a long time coming, but when it comes down to throwing down in the blood and the mud, both men have done it and do it well. There have been some rumors that this match at WM may be an Iron Man match, but it’s hard to imagine the Taker’s old body holding up that long brother. My guess is that this will be a normal match with the best man winning that night and the most likely victor will be Lesnar. He’s becoming the company man that Vinnie Mac has wanted and could be the face of the company if the dead man passes that torch dude.

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