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Xbox One GAMES SHOCKER: “Big Brother Bill Gates Can Kiss My Ass!” – Breaking Video Game News

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber (AKA – Joystick Georgie)

OMG! Yeah, the more that I think about this intrusive piece of shit, Xbox One, the more that I realize just what’s climbed into Bill Gate’s britches. The rich get rich and the poor get poor, huh? Really? Really? Nice try fella, but this game system is going to sink like the Titanic when people realize just what they are trying to do. These assclowns are trying to push Big Brother into our living rooms and my dad is like so nervous!

My dad and I went out to eat after I picked up my welfare check and EBT card and I told him about the Xbox One and he said: “Big brother Bill Gates can kiss my ass! He’s not going to tape me and sell it to YouTube and Ebay on a computer.” Keep in mind that my dad is a freaking idiot. If he has a 60 IQ, I’d be surprised. Put a helmet on the guy. LOL. LMAO. Ja-ja…he-he…YA HEARD! Helmet…LOL. The guy does pot all the time too and he always has stoner boners. He got into some hot water when he came to Target, my LEGENDARY job to buy some tissues and he was wearing this sweat pants and had a stoner boner. They said that he was slamming it against the food in the meat section and he nearly cost me my job. Security got rid of him. A big thanks to the cutest chubby security guard Michael for treating a lady right and getting my dad out the door without hurting him. Hey Michael, good job player. YA HEARD!

Now, I’m not resting until the gamers of this world take down Gates and his world domination and demand to see inside of our homes. If you are a gamer like Joystick Georgie, I ask you to support my quest to give Bill Gates a Cleveland steamer. YA HEARD!

Thanks. I’m Joystick Georgie and I approve this stoner boner.

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