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New Superman Movie Review: MAN OF STEEL is a Man’s Man – Superhero Breaking Review Man’s Man News

By Vinnie Franklin

Yo, check this out. I just went to the movies to see MAN OF STEEL and four hundred Victoria’s Secret models ran up to me and said “you’re the Vinman” and wanted to make it with the Vinman. I showed them pictures of my LEGENDARY friends on my cell phone and then got my popcorn. YA HEARD!

Now, I spoke to my LEGENDARY friend Henry Cavill when he got the leading role of Superman and he was so happy and I was happy for this guy Cavill. He really puts this role on blast and releases the dogs of greatness on the audience. YA HEARD! Boy, these models were making it tough for a man’s man to watch this movie. That Drakkar is driving them wild.

Cavill rules and my friend the LEGENDARY and hot Amy Adams was the best Lois Lane of all time. I was humbled by her performance. And Zod? Zod was played by Michael Shannon, my LEGENDARY friend, and he was the yin to Superman’s yang.

I love DARK KNIGHT and my LEGENDARY friend, Batman, and I thought that this movie was right up there with it. They finally got Superman right. I have been waiting for this forever. I give it a 10/10.

One final thing. I ran into that assclown, noodle dick, twat, no-talent hack, Dana Carvey, and he’s lucky that I was busy with the ladies or I would have put him on blast in a big way. I hate that unfunny prick. YA HEARD!

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