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Xbox One PRICE SHOCKER: Don Mattrick, Xbox Assclown, PUT ON BLAST – Big Brother, Games, Outrage & More – VIDEO GAME NEWS

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber (AKA – Joystick Georgie)

OMG! I am so mad right now. I was sitting home playing my Atari 2600 and the freaking thing froze again and Atari will not replace it. They say that the warranty ran out thirty years ago. Really? Really? Well they lost a customer. Let me tell you that!

Don Mattrick, Xbox Assclown, has called the new home surveillance system called “Xbox One” a “bargain” at 500 bucks. Really? Really? Nice try fella. A bargain is 300 bucks and you come to my apartment and give me a happy ending. YA HEARD! Like I’m going to pay you to spy on me and my dad and sell my dad jacking off to porn sites and make gobs and gobs of money from voyeurs. Nice try fella. YA HEARD!

I’m getting really tired of this idiot, Mattrick, and his quest to spy on all of the gamers. I’m a fucking gamer. I’m Joystick Georgie and I am taking a stand against this gaming system and I hope that you all will do the same. Bill Gates, suck my sausage. YA HEARD!

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