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Xbox One Price SHOCKER: Sony Playstation 4 FOR THIS GAMER – VIDEO GAME NEWS

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber (AKA – Joystick Georgie)

OMG! Yeah, I’m still pissed off about this Xbox One nonsense. Oh, now they say that you don’t need the Internet on all of the time and that you can still play used games without getting rammed from the back, but how long will that last? Do you really trust Bill Gates? I wouldn’t trust that assclown, noodle dick, twat, keyboard warrior with a horny baboon! Dang, he’s a LOSER! YA HEARD!

I have decided to buy the Playstation 4. It’s cheaper and not intrusive. I mean, Bill Gates wanted to basically see into your living room. What is he, a voyeur? You want to watch me whack the weasel, Mr. Gates? Well, come to my apartment and you can see it close up and then you’ll leave with a sore ass. YA HEARD! Playstation 4 is the way to go.

I wrote a song that will be performed by Justin Bieber (I hope) in the near future, called…

Written by Georgie “Justin” Bieber
Performed by Justin Bieber

Halo, Hello, my name is Bieber.
Georgie Justin, the true gaming Belieber.
Bill Gates wants to look into my apartment complex.
I think that he wants to watch me having dirty sex.

But I’m now buying Playstation 4, a system from Sony.
No camera here, no riding the bologna pony.
Just gaming for this gamer known for his talented joystick.
Microsoft can sit on it…sit on my pulsating prick.

YA HEARD is the word and Xbox One Ain’t No Fun.
The system will be out of business by the time they are done.
I’ll finish this song later…I have to go…I have the runs.

What system are you buying?

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