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CREEPY STATUES TERRIFY CHILDREN – New Cassel Statues by David Byer-Tyre TERRIFY Community – “I’m Sh*tting Bricks!”

By Georgie “Justin” Bieber

OMG! Have you seen these things in New Cassel by some guy that says he’s an artist? Really? Really? Nice try fella. David Byer-Tyre made these “kids” and they look like that assclown Antonio Martin (Arizona Bologna), in my opinion. Yikes! YA HEARD! They are creepy. I’m shitting bricks!

Every time that I look at these things, I get scared. I brought my dad for a walk to see these things and the drunk FOOL could barely walk and stuck to his pleather recliner because it is so hot and we ain’t got no air conditioning. YA HEARD! My dad was so scared and said the following (he was drunk and high also):

“The monsters are going to eat my dick! Help me! Help me! Don’t let those things chomp off my twig and berries! Oh no…it’s the end of the world. It’s the rise of the machines! It’s back to the future up my ass! They scare me! Oh god, let’s stop at the Good Will and get me some new panties. I shat right through these thanks to those monsters! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Help me! KILL ME! Somebody take a gun and put a bullet right in my freaking head! Those monsters want to rape my mouth and make me a zombie snatcher!!!”

Sorry…my dad is a freaking idiot.

What do you think of these Antonio Martin-looking statues?

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