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RSR Message Board Update

By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Ask just about any hardcore boxing fan which super fight they’d most like to see made today and invariably the reply would be Floyd Mayweather JR. versus Manny Pacquiao. No doubt beyond that would be a cry for David Haye to come out of hiding for a showdown with one of the two reigning Klitschko’s, or the finals of the ongoing super middleweight Super Six Tournament, but the reality of the matter is that there are several terrific match-ups just aching to be made in or around the light welterweight and welterweight divisions, and one of them, should it ever come off, has the potential to be a fantastic tactical thriller. “Devon Alexander vs. Timothy Bradley” is a discussion about a potential unification match-up that has all of the necessary elements required to captivate rabid boxing fans; opposing styles, positive peak quotients, extraordinary athleticism and finely honed ring talent.

For those of you that have spent years waiting for somebody to take over the cruiserweight division, quite possibly the time has come. “Steve Cunningham – Poised to Sweep the Cruiserweight Division” is a thread that addresses the advertised ambition of Philadelphia’s newest world champion to unify all of the major titles as well as the rumor that cable powerhouse Showtime is quietly putting together a Super Six Tourney for the much-maligned weight class bookended by the light heavy and heavyweight divisions. It’s a thread well worth your time. It’s all here and its ready for your two cents and it can all be found in our Boxing Discussions forum. For those of you that are not currently a member of RSR and would like to take part in the various forums and fight polls, act now using the link to submit your request.

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