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Floyd Mayweather & Mike Tyson: The Excitement of the Game – Boxing News

By Geno McGahee

Floyd Mayweather JR took on Canelo Alvarez on September 14th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bright lights of the casinos mixed well with the sport and the fans were eager to place their money upon their fighter to win what was the biggest contest in the recent history of the game. Boxing and casino gambling is a match made in heaven and are a combination that have made some boxing fans some serious cash.

On November 9th, 1996, a 22-1 underdog stepped into the ring. Evander Holyfield, considered easy prey for defending champion, Mike Tyson, proved to be more of a problem than anticipated. After 11 rounds, Holyfield raised his hands in victory and so did the fans that placed money upon the underdog to upset the champ. One of those rejoicing was Donald Trump who put 1 million dollars down on Holyfield to win at the 22-1 odds. On line casinos have brought the gambling home.  Many places like bwin.be have given the fans that can’t make it to Vegas or Atlantic City an opportunity to try their luck and skills at picking the winners.

Nothing brings out the excitement of sports betting like boxing does. In the 1996 film THE GREAT WHITE HYPE, the excitement of casino gambling was displayed. It captured the electricity and excitement that the fans experience. There is a bigger link between the fighter and the bettor as he throws the punches with hopes of victory. When Mike Tyson faced Frank Bruno for the first time, there was a roar from the crowd when the third round ended and that was the group that bet the fight would go over three rounds. If you gamble on the sport, there are many ways to play.

Floyd Mayweather JR and Mike Tyson have been responsible for bringing a lot of boxing fans to the game, a sport that floods the casinos with eager fans, ready to support their fighter and turn some cash in the process.

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