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Vitali Klitschko to Nikolay Valuev, 1.5 Million or Pack Sand!

KMG Press Release

“That was eight months ago for a stadium fight,” said Bernd Bönte, Managing Director of the Klitschko Management Group. “Now for weeks we offered them 1.5 million and that’s it. Still more than he gets or even got in any other fight. Valuev comes from a clear defeat against Haye, and all but the judges saw a loss against Holyfield. This is a typical King game. He has nowhere to go. Austin fights Solis for the mandatory position and Valuev has two options left: fight Vitali or fight Haye in a rematch. But we will definitely not raise the money. If Valuev wouldn’t be over seven foot we wouldn’t even discuss a fight. He can take it or fight Haye again.”

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