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TSA Stops Terrorist: STUFFED MONKEY’S GUN Confiscated – Washington Woman’s Sock Monkey Busted – Rooster Monkburn Arrested

By Geno McGahee

The TSA agents are at it again, making the world feel safe with their unnecessary groping of young females. The TSA, known for stopping absolutely no terrorism, has found a potential terrorist with a sock monkey named “Rooster Monkburn.” He was holding a 2 inch “realistic” pistol and if you own puppets, you should know that they are not allowed to carry weapons. If the PUPPET MASTER movies taught us anything, we should know that puppets can come to life and hurt people and crash airplanes…right?

Phillis May, the owner and creator of Rooster Monkburn was stopped when they found her evil creation. The TSA agent went to May with monkey pistol in hand and said “this is a gun.” She noted that it was a “prop for my monkey.” The agent then said that if she held it to her neck she “wouldn’t know if it was real or not.” Support higher education and send a TSA agent to third grade.

There are countless incidents involving these idiots that make up the TSA. They are there merely for the illusion of safety and to turn a big buck in the process. We’ve seen these morons make an old woman remove her adult diaper and take a paralyzed child out of his wheelchair and then always have the time to grope attractive women. The TSA is a joke and this is another case of it.

FREE Rooster Monkburn!

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