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Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, JR – “Done Deal” Signatures Only Thing Needed Email Bag

Email Bag Hosted by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Good afternoon RSR Readers… Hot as heck here today in VA. How hot you ask? So hot I just saw a fire hydrant that said, “Don’t even think about it Dogs”. Recently RSR has been breaking news about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather, JR. vs. Manny Pacquiao megafight from a source very close to Team Mayweather. Well, with passionate boxing fans on both sides of the ring supporting their fighter as they always do, the emails came in the last couple of days to the RSR office. As we like to do from time to time, we let you the reader see the emails as they are written to judge for yourself if they are correct or as you will read, just plain weird. So with that said, let’s get started….

“Bad” Brad,

I enjoy Ringside Report very much but I just find it hard to believe that your source can be correct. Why do you think he is honestly?



Thanks for the compliment about RSR. We really are all about the readers and try to bring you on a daily basis the most diverse articles, fight reports and interviews we can to name just a few of things we do. The credit for that has to go to Geno McGahee (RSR Managing Editor) and his top flight team of writers.

Our source is very close to Team Mayweather and from information they gave us in the past has always been correct.


Floyd is my road dog and he squashes Manny Pimple like the small zit that he is. Floyd in three by devastating KO to shut up the Paclanders for good. Get these signatures on the contract now!



Though I am on the fence right now on who would win this fight, never think Floyd is just going to walk over Manny Pacquiao. I do believe that if Manny were to get knocked out, he would do it on his shield after getting off the canvas first to be knocked down again. They are both warriors and deserve respect for sure. I agree about the signatures, and if my source is right again as they have been in the past, we should see those signatures in the next couple of weeks finally on the finalized contract. The boxing world demands it!

“Bad” Brad,

Boxers or Briefs? I bet Manny and Floyd wear tightie whites.



I hope you are a lady, but to stick with RSR policy, all emails get a response no matter what. Boxers! No clue what they wear, but for the record, I hate white underwear!


I told you that girls rule and boys drool.  What gave you a right to say I need help?  I will have you know, I am going out today to jump a fence and get a new autograph for my collection.  Where I am from, a grown man chasing around teen idols is perfectly normal you LOSER and I will not let you tell me differently.  Miley Cirus please marry me!!!!!!!

 Backseat Cuddler For Life


Wow, you remain quite nuts I see and have to really seek help immediately. However, maybe I can really decipher what you are trying to say in boxing talk, so let me try. 

Who do you think wins between Tavoris Cloud and Glenn Johnson?  There we go, I knew what you wrote was disguised as a boxing question.  I have to go with Cloud in this one and I think he may even stop the game, but far past his prime Johnson. 





Wow thanks for that impressive compliment. You keep reading and we will keep reporting.

Bad Brad,

Thanks for breaking this news because even if it’s not true, we fans like to hear new updates. Manny in six!

Brad Moore

Ossining, New York


Great name… I have been to Ossining many times when I lived in New York. If we didn’t feel our source was spot on, it would not be reported. Keep reading for updated reports as we get them in.


I am sick and tired of all the excuses from both sides, make the damn fight and may the best fighter win come fight night!



I can add nothing else to what you said because you are spot on!

“Bad” Braadd,

Manny pacuiao is a storied uzer and scareed of floyyd. He beet meeny overs and overs agen in ring.



Work on your spelling before you put down a fighter like Manny and then learn how to spell his name. I don’t want to believe he is on steroids and to date, there is no proof other than pure speculation. If it even came to fruition that Manny was, it would taint his entire career and I honestly think he has more class than that. I also think Freddie Roach and I am going out on a limb here because I do not claim to know him personally has too much integrity to ever support him if he knew Manny was juicing.

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