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Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke, Naked Gun: Acting Legend and Oscar Winner George Kennedy

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“So many times people ask me: where did you get your acting training? ‘In life’ is what I always answer.”—George Kennedy

“George Kennedy is a great character actor, who is a master at both comedy and dramatic roles.”—Pat Cooper, Legendary Comedian

When one sees the name “George Kennedy” up on the silver screen, they know that they are in for an honest acting performance that will stand the test of the time. Such proof is his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Dragline, in COOL HAND LUKE. Kennedy, is an “Actor’s Actor” as my late father, Alvin, used to say. In a movie and TV career that has spanned over 60 years, that has seen him rubbing acting elbows with some of the biggest stars Hollywood has ever produced and holding his own, is something that no doubt he should be very proud of.

Recently, I read George’s autobiography: “Trust Me: A Memoir” and as the NewzBreaker readers already know, I couldn’t use enough superlatives to describe just how great of a read it was. Yes, a brutally honest read, something very refreshing to read in a world that has become far too politically correct.

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