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RSR Message Board Update

Message Board Update by Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Having enjoyed the recent John Duddy versus Julio Cesar Chavez JR PPV feature, it easily occurred to many of the message board members in the days leading up to it that despite the obvious curiosity quotient of the match-up itself there was in fact little about it that would merit pay per view value. Taking the point from a different angle, the thread “Great Bouts You Caught on Network TV that would be PPV-Worthy Today” delves into the matter of where our sport has taken the hardcore fan whilst neglecting the casual fan, and how good all fans had it almost a lifetime ago relative to today.

And having spun the train of thought back over a quarter century, I created the what would have happened, what if-type thread asking any and all what would have gone down; “Gerry Cooney – Mike Weaver – 1981”. Had the bout taken place, Cooney may well have prevailed and gone on to be more than just a brief footnote in heavyweight history, or perhaps thereafter, Larry Holmes might have gone on to even greater heights had his gargantuan foe first underlined his credentials with the WBA strap, solidifying the challenge for the greatest prize in all of sports. It’s a thread well worth your attention. It’s all here and its ready for your two cents and it can all be found in our Boxing Discussions forum.

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