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Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, JR – “Done Deal” Signatures Only Thing Needed Email Bag

Email Bag Hosted by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Hello RSR Readers… How about that World Cup Soccer? The United States got beat by Ghana and former President Bill Clinton sat next to Hall of Fame Rocker Mick Jagger watching the game play out. Can you imagine that conversation? Clinton: “Hey Mick, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Jagger: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (Can you tell I am a Stones Fan?) Having served in the Navy with many folks from Ghana, I know the pride they have towards their country and it’s great to see them take a big win against the US like that.

They have not had a major player in sports since Ike Quartey was a World Champion in Boxing, but Ghanaians’ always expressed to me they liked Azumah Nelson much more.
No matter how the World Cup turns out, may the best team win no matter what country pulls it off.

I read today that Larry King is ending his CNN Talk Show after 25 years. Larry is the King of Talk Show Hosts today and anyone that can land Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, on their show, is “The Man” in my book! King, next to Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett, is hands down the greatest interviewer in TV history.

It’s been a couple of weeks since RSR first broke the news that Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather was a “Done Deal” with signatures only needed on the contract which was reported from our inside source over at Team Mayweather. Have you noticed how both Bob Arum and Oscar De La Hoya went mum in the press as a result of that article? The boxing world is waiting for the Press Conference and with that said; let’s get to the emails which are still coming in.

“Bad” Brad,

I have noticed that both promoters Arum and Delayhoya have went silent lately. Does this back up your source or just prove your source was off?



I personally think as all good PR folks for promoters do they read RSR’s article and advised their bosses to issue a gag order. Smart move and adds to the hype of this fight being a “Done Deal” and buys them time to make the feeding frenzy even hotter.





Great name which fits you like a glove. Why are you YELLING? That’s great to hear you are friends with Manny. I am sure he will be thrilled to have you over for dinner sometime soon. Also, you may want to pick up a book and learn how to WRITE!

Bad Brad,

I doubt this fight will actually happen in November as RSR broke earlier this month, but I do think behind closed the doors the fight is all, but done. My thought process is gearing towards March of 2011 with Floyd in the end, getting the bigger share of the purse.

Eric Stoval


You may be right about the date, but from everything we have been told, it still stands in November. At first I was thinking a stadium, but I agree with the contingent out there that says Las Vegas will not let this fight slip away.


Just for the record, I met Lindsay Lohan at a model airplane show the other day and she says you are a LOSER too. Four days ago, Miley Cirus called me and said I am one hunk who looks like Ricky Martin and I told her I would love to shake my bon bon for her. So F$#& Y&!.

Back Seat Cuddler For Life


I think in my last email bag I said I would no longer run your emails, but I had to show the boxing readers this one because you are hands down, a whack job. Let me guess. You are in your 30’s, live at home, and fly around with a cape on pretending you are an airplane trying to land. Pegged you to a tee I bet! Seek Help immediately and do not pass Go or collect $200.00…


I think contrary to your source reporting this fight is a done deal; there is a more likely situation that is going to happen. Manny is going to find out that being a Congressman is not an easy job and takes a lot of his time up. Being he is a passionate human being that cares about his people, he is going to retire from boxing and focus on the politics of his country.

Stu Jannssen
Racine, WI


Wow you make a very good observation and anything is possible. I do think he is going to fight again because that brings in more money to his bank account that in turn, may help him with projects for his country. However, if Manny did retire right now, he goes into the IBHOF after the five year retirement rule on his very first ballot he is eligible for.

Mr Berkwitt,

I read everything I can on boxing each day on the net. Your column said the fight is a done deal and gives me hope that very soon my favorite fighter Floyd Mayweather will face Manny Pacquiao. How do you see the fight going?

Brooklyn, NY


Very cool name and actually one of my favorites. You are the first person I have ever met that actually had this name outside of the character James Caan played in The Godfather. On paper, this is a great fight and I agree with my colleague Geno McGahee that it’s not in the same class as Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Tommy Hearns I, but very close. I see this fight being a back and forth war with Manny landing and hurting Floyd, but in the end, Mayweather figuring out the puzzle that Pacquiao is and taking a close decision. So close that the fight fans and both fighters demand a rematch.

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