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Sting WWE DEAL: Undertaker, Wrestlemania 30 & More – The Opponents List – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. Sting is coming to the WWE and Vinnie Mac is scrambling to promote the Wrestlemania 30 showdown with the dead man brother. The undefeated Undertaker is heading into the big show with the streak on the line to take on the man with the bat, the man with the paint, the man known as the Stinger. This is going to be a historic showdown dude!

With the Stinger coming to the WWE, there are certain matches that we want to see man and the first is with the Undertaker, but there are more. Shawn Michaels comes to mind brother. Sting and Michaels were the faces of the WWE and WCW for a long time and they can both still bring it. Why not have these two collide?

The Rock is still in fighting shape brother. It’s time to bring the smackdown to Sting man. Sting versus the Rock is a pay per view headliner for the WWE without question. The Stinger is a gold mine. He is the gift that keeps on giving man.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has made mention that he wants to throw down in the blood and the mud again man. Sting vs. Austin would work if the dude can get his health back in order. Austin is fighting Father Time man and not winning.

I’m not saying the match would be pretty brother, but the Ultimate Warrior has made nice and these two have a history. They were the Blade Runners back in the day man and even though the Warrior hasn’t looked well in his recent outings, I could see a match between these two taking off and getting the interest of the fans man.

Sting is really being thrown into a big pool of new fishes dude and they all are sellable matches man. Brock Lesnar, John Cena, CM Punk (if he returns), and the list goes on and on. Sting belongs in the WWE dude and he is going to make some serious splashes in that big pool man.

Who do you want to see Sting fight the most?

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