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Sting – Undertaker WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 DEAL – Streak, Update & More – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

With Wrestlemania 30 right around the corner, the deal must be signed to bring the Stinger to the WWE man. Rumor has it that the deal is done and that Vinnie Mac will be showing his hands in the weeks to come.

Sting the man that carried WCW has never stepped into a WWE ring, and now he must face the undefeated (at Wrestlemania) dead man, the Undertaker at the next big show. According to my brother in the mask, Sting will go back to his old crow look, complete with the bat man and he will give us all the silent treatment. That will make this an interesting showdown as the darkness meets the darkness brother.

I’m like all of you man. I’m waiting for Vinnie Mac to strut to the ring and announce it and it’s coming soon. You can take that to the bank and cash it brother. Sting vs. Undertaker is coming to a Wrestlmania 30 near you man!

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