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By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

As we continue to endure the current prolonged dry spell in boxing we can be thankful for the intermittent oasis’ that punctuate the doldrums otherwise masked by the ongoing rumors that serve to give hope. Looking back at the most recent respite, that was the card featuring championship commodities Nonito Donaire and Juan Manuel Lopez, there were some brief thrills and a spill where the latter was concerned, it also gave hope to all watching that before too long weekly doses of the sweet science will once again become the norm.

Looking closer at that brief spill on the part of the latter, “Juan Manuel Lopez…Some Thoughts Post-Concepcion” addresses the most recent brilliant ring appearance of arguably the hottest commodity in Puerto Rico. Not only did “Juanma” underline what his fans have been saying all along with the explosive blowout of an otherwise solid contender, he added fuel to the fire of his critics whilst causing hearts to stop ever so briefly. And he did it all in less than six minutes! All said and told it was pretty brilliant stuff considering the last two months and the upcoming bout against Rafael Marquez later this year.
“The Paul Williams Bullshit Express” is a thread I created to address the current game of avoidance being played by one of the most overhyped ring talents of recent years. Given “The Punisher’s” reputation as this much-avoided ring force, it would seem that he and his crew are the ones doing the avoiding since last December, most recently with his agenda to overlook the unfinished business with Kermit Cintron, a grand shafting if there ever was one. And speaking of Cintron, the thread also addresses the current state of a certain faction of fans; the group that watches Williams with happy glasses on, blind to the cock-eyed reasoning behind his overt avoidance of clearing outstanding matters up with both his last foe, and the one before that, Sergio Martinez, linear world middleweight champion. If you like looking beyond the hype and are able to objectively break matters down while leaving your emotions on the shelf, this thread may be for you. It’s all here and its ready for your two cents and it can all be found in our Boxing Discussions forum.

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