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Bill Goldberg Vs Mel Gibson: Am I the Only One That Objects?

By Geno McGahee

It’s tough to be a celebrity and I know that many people would object, but when you reach a level of a Mel Gibson, your life is under a microscope and heavily scrutinized by the public. Anything and everything you do is considered and voted on by the public and the media outlets like TMZ and Entertainment Tonight jump all over this sort of thing. They focus on the ugly and what Mel said was surely that.

Mickey Rourke was recently interviewed and said something that made the most sense in the world: “Don’t believe everything that you hear,” and that is absolutely true. Our society typically believes the worst thing and we cling onto it. The term: “I wouldn’t put it past him,” is a saying that will be said by many should Gibson be proven innocent … he cannot win. I have stated before that if he did beat her, that’s one thing and there are not too many things worse than a woman beater, but being so high profile, there is a lot of incentive to paint him the villain and make some money. The headlines sell and the supposed beaten woman can cash in. I don’t know the specifics of the case and I am not saying that she was not beaten, but I’m not ready to say that she was either.

What we know is the racial tirade from Gibson was captured on tape, where he said something in regards to burning down the house after he received oral sex and then hoped that his ex was raped, using a racial slur as he rambled. Gibson does say some non PC things, but what does it matter? Tiger Woods, when he fooled around on his wife, was attacked by the media maliciously because he was an idol to so many. He has zero responsibility to the people to be an idol. His only responsibility was to his wife and if she forgave him and he can keep it in his pants from now on, so be it.

Now, as the Gibson story still circulates and takes top headlines everywhere, we have somebody ringing in for some reason…most likely to get attention for himself because of his lack of limelight over the years. Who’s the next in line to talk about Gibson? Who’s Next? Former WCW Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg.

In 1997, with WCW losing its edge to the WWE, they thought up a gimmick to bring back the ratings. They created an indestructible warrior that would go undefeated, earning a record of 108-0. It brought WCW back into the ratings and Goldberg was an attraction. Unfortunately, he could not sustain his fan base and WCW would eventually fold. WWE picked him up after the collapse of WCW and his run there was met with Luke warm response.

Later on, he would secure a job as a commentator for the MMA, giving his thoughts on cage fighting on Showtime. He proved capable, but now he interviewed those in the spotlight and that may be something that his ego cannot handle. Even though the bouts were completely staged and his 108-0 record was completely manufactured, he still enjoyed the feeling of being this unbeatable warrior.

At 6 feet, 2 inches, and 270 pounds, Goldberg was asked about Mel Gibson and he stated: “I think Mel Gibson should get his ass kicked by a big Jew like me.”

The reason I bring up his height and weight is because of this challenge…well, I consider it a challenge to a 56 year old man that has never been in the ring and is dwarfed by Goldberg. Now, not only does Gibson have to avoid the paparazzi and the crazed fans along with the women’s groups and other angry mobs, he has to look out for a giant bald man screaming: “Fear the Spear!”

Although Golberg is part of some “protect the animals” group and he may have a sensitive side, I think that he is using Gibson to jumpstart his career. There may also be some jealousy from the big guy.

Compare the movies they’ve done…

In 1999, Goldberg starred in the absolutely atrocious mess called: UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II: THE RETURN. There have been reports that his co-star Jean Claude Van Damme was a drug addict and if this movie doesn’t confirm it, I don’t know what will. Horrible performance and horrible movie by all. The budget was 19 million and it reportedly grossed just over 10 million. It was a theatrical dud.

In 1999, Mel Gibson’s PAYBACK was released, grossing an estimated 81 million at the box office. The budget was 50 million, so it made a great deal of money and won a couple of awards. Perhaps this is where Goldberg got his panties in a bunch.

Now, I must be fair to those fans of SANTA’S SLAY, released in 2005, where Goldberg played an evil Santa Claus. You haven’t heard of it? Well, to be honest, I’m not really surprised.

Gibson is a proven commodity. He is one hell of an actor and still puts out good work, but he is taking quite the beating now. I am sure that many have screamed: “Go get’em Goldberg! Give him the jackhammer!” (Note: “The Jackhammer” was Goldberg’s finishing move. He used to raise his opponents in the suplex position and then slam them down, landing on them in the process. It was the follow up to the “Spear.”) I’m not going to root for any pro wrestling moves performed on Gibson until all of the facts are released. Is this how we treat somebody when we don’t like what they say? He doesn’t have to say things we agree with, does he?

It seems that the majority of people get angry because they think that they should be angry and anger is contagious. People enjoy discussing the horrible things that Gibson said. Who cares? As long as he’s not hurting anyone, who really cares what his beliefs are. If you feel that strongly, don’t watch his movies anymore.

Mel Gibson may only be guilty of being a potty mouth and that is not illegal, especially when you consider that he was recorded unknowingly. If he is a woman beater, then he should be prosecuted for it by the judicial system, not the lynch mob that is waiting for him. I’m going to see how this entire story pans out before I join the mob.

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