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RSR Message Board Update

By Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

Last week was a terrific week for the sport of boxing, punctuated by the appearance of a couple of high profile current marquee names and the return of a few popular names from years gone by. “Timothy Bradley – Does He Fit into the Mix at 147” addresses the most recent ring appearance of the now 26-0 “Desert Storm”, asking whether he can be a legitimate presence in the welterweight division and more importantly, does he merit consideration as a future challenger to either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather JR. Hitting our stride with the recent revitalized level of activity in the sport, “Tua Floored in Draw with Barrett” is a discussion that focuses in on the curious outcome of New Zealand’s favorite fighter, a warrior many fans seem to feel will yet one day win a world title, wondering aloud if he has much left at all in light of his less than impressive showing against the shell of a man long ago relegated to trial horse status.

Keeping abreast of the current deluge of rumors pertaining to matchmaking, we have served-up two discussions that on paper seem ludicrous but otherwise just might pan out as sheer fun if realized in the ring. “Pavlik-Chavez JR” by Goldenstatefan provides insight in the next possible opponent for the former WBC/WBO middleweight champion while underlining the matter as a curious choice, especially for the as of yet undefeated Mexican upstart, a marketable fighter generally perceived to be far too green for a challenge of this nature at this point in time. Taking it a step further with the rumor mill, “Possible Match-Up: Shannon Briggs vs. Vitali Klitschko” looks at the possibility of the former WBC and linear heavyweight king, one of the world’s hardest-punching heavyweights, challenging the reigning WBC titlist in a bout that suggests excitement, highlight reel-worthy abbreviation and drama. It’s all here and its waiting for your input and it can all be found in our Boxing Discussions forum.

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