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Jesse’s WWE RAW Report: Nexus, John Cena & Randy Orton Create Monday Madness

By Jesse Castleman

You are about to enter the War Zone… proceed with caution.

Raw begins this week with Cena’s music hitting, and the crowd gives Cena a big pop as he enters. After saluting to the crowd, Cena steps into the ring and grabs a microphone. Finally the Raw locker room has had enough, and at SummerSlam Cena’s team will defeat Nexus.

Cena talks about Nexus gaining power, influence, taking over Raw, and his dreams about his elimination team fighting evil like the Justice League. Cena rattles off a few superhero references, peaking with a crescendo by providing us all with a picture of Great Khali in Wonderwoman’s outfit…very disturbing. Anyway, Chris Jericho has had enough of this nonsense. He enters the ring and grabs a mic. Jericho looks disturbed as the crowd chants “Y2J” for him, and begins to talk about how Cena thinks it’s HIS team. Y2J says he did not get involved in this to be part of Cena’s team, but because of his personal problems with Nexus and Wade Barrett. Jericho knows Nexus better than Cena, and declares it is HIS team because of this. Cena quickly responds, and Cena slaps Jericho’s mic out of his hand. Cena explains that it’s time to man-up, as there team will have to coexist to defeat Nexus. Jericho tells Cena to never disrespect Jericho like that again. Jericho sees the big picture, and says that while Nexus is one threat in the WWE, Cena is another because he has the support of the WWE universe. Jericho explains that as soon as Nexus is done

Blinks! Cole to the podium: the anonymous GM has made the SummerSlam match an Elimination Match. Tonight, Cena and Jericho will team up against a mystery tag team. Also, an elimination match between Nexus and seven Raw superstars is announced. And if they’re not down with that, the GM has two words for them…Now, I think that someone (the GM) is messing with us (the audience, and superstars)’s heads by purposely throwing us all off with his comments.

Back from the commercial break, and Sheamus makes a grand entrance. He takes a seat at ringside next to commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Randy Orton. Jey Uso, who enters with his brother Jimmy and Tamina, is set for a one-on-one match against Orton. Lockup, Jey sends Orton into the ropes, but Orton glares at Sheamus, sending a message but dropping him into the ropes. Picks Jey up on the apron, smashes him in the chest, but Jey hits a neck breaker from the outside to stun Orton. Jey jumps back in the ring and covers Orton for a 2-count, then locks Orton into a modified sleeper hold. Orton breaks out, and the two wrestlers exchange fists until Orton hits a pair of clotheslines. Jey receives a scoop slam as a result of running into Orton, who then hits the attempted distraction from Jimmy off the apron. Orton nails a lethal rope hung DDT on Jey, and stalks Jey for an RKO. Orton hits the RKO on Jey, 1-2-3, and this one ends as Orton stares Sheamus down from the ring. Jimmy enters the ring and rushes the distracted Orton from behind. Sheamus jumps in the ring and attempts a scissor kick on Orton, but Orton ducks out of the way while pulling Jimmy into the way of the kick. Jimmy goes down, and then Orton then hits an RKO on Sheamus to the crowd’s delight. Big tree fall hard.

Awesome! Out comes the Miz to cash in his money in the bank contract! Sheamus is still down though, and as the Miz waits for him to get up, Orton sneaks into the ring and hits the Miz with an RKO! Just as was the case last week, the bell never rang to signify that the Miz’s match had begun, so both Sheamus and the Miz retain their championship and contract respectively. With his upcoming match against Sheamus at SummerSlam looming, Orton poses for the crowd before a cut backstage to Edge, who is talking to Ted DiBiase and Maryse. Edge explains to them how he’d like DiBiase to be a part of his SummerSlam team instead of the Great Khali. DiBiase responds by letting his intention to take John Morrison out of the match be known. The two parties part ways, and as the camera follows Edge on his route, he fails to notice that Great Khali’s manager, Ranjin Singh, had been eavesdropping on his conversation with DiBiase.

The Miz and Sheamus are arguing in the ring as we return from the commercial break. Binks, and Cole reads off another email. The email declares that Cena and Jericho will square off against the team of Sheamus and the Miz in their elimination tag team match. Cut to Edge, who is again backstage, talking on his phone. Khali storms into Edge’s locker room, yelling in gibberish. When Edge asks what is going on, Khali’s manager explains that he had heard everything that Edge had said to DiBiase and Maryse earlier, and that Khali was upset. Edge, in turn, explains that he has nothing but the utmost respect for Khali (unconvincingly). Khali responds by telling Edge that he is delusional and obnoxious, and challenges him to a match tonight. Edge accepts, adding a stipulation that if he defeats Khali, then Khali is off the SummerSlam elimination team.

Back on Raw from the commercial break, the Great Khali makes his entrance. Cole informs us from ringside that the anonymous GM has sent another email saying that Jerry Lawler will be part of the tag team that faces off against Nexus tonight in an elimination match. Edge enters the ring after the announcement, and slaps Khali in the face to start the match. Khali tosses Edge in the corner and answers with a smack of his own, to which Edge goes down. Khali then whips Edge hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Khali misses a big leg drop on Edge, and before Edge can capitalize Nexus enters down the ramp. Edge flees the ring through the crowd area, and Nexus surrounds Khali. In a showdown moment between Khali and the seven Nexus members, Nexus allows Khali to retreat from the ring, all the while getting some heat from the audience. Nexus is stagnant in the ring, awaiting their elimination match against Jerry Lawler, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, Davy Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd.

The seven WWE superstars enter the ring to face off against Nexus. Tatsu to start against Michael Tarver. Tarver receives a few chops to his chest, and after unsuccessfully locking Tatsu into an armbar, Tatsu kicks Tarver. But Tarver hits a big reverse scoop slam on Tatsu to eliminate him, in comes Bourne, and Tarver tags Gabriel in. As Tarver holds Bourne from behind, Gabriel strikes Bourne down. In response, Bourne tags Lawler in, and Lawler hits Gabriel with a few fists, a clothesline, and a flying elbow from the top rope. Barrett pulls Gabriel out of the ring and regroups to get his team on the same page. Back from the break, and Cole informs us that Heath Slater had eliminated Jerry Lawler during the commercial break. Back to the live action, and Heath Slater is in the ring with Tyson Kidd, who stomps a mud hole in Slater’s face in the superstar’s corner. Smith tags in and hits a monstrous stall suplex on Slater for a two-count. Backbreaker, leg drop, and an elbow to Slater, who galls to a corner, and Smith whips Slater to the opposite corner. Smith goes for a powerslam on Slater, but is distracted by a Nexus member. Slater takes advantage to hit Smith with a powerful move to ultimately eliminate Smith. Goldust steps in the ring next, and after fighting Slater, David Otunga tags in. Darren Young trips Goldust, and Otunga hits a big spinebuster on Goldust to eliminate him. In comes Mark Henry next, who hits a military press drop on Otunga. In tags Heath Slater again, who gets dropped a few times, only to tag Darren Young in. Henry pummels Young, who then he tags in Skip Sheffield. Sheffield pounds down on Henry’s back, but Henry scoops Sheffield up for a big slam. Another big body slam to Sheffield, and then Henry tosses Gabriel into the ring and hits a big splash on him in the corner. With Henry distracted, Sheffield hits a monstrous clothesline on Henry, and covers him for another elimination. Tyson Kidd attempts to hit Sheffield with a maneuver from the ropes, but Sheffield catches him with a clothesline. Sheffield tags Young in, who hits an impressive move on Kidd and covers him for the elimination. Bourne is the only superstar left, who faces off against Wade Barrett. After knocking Barrett down, Bourn knocks the other six Nexus members off of the apron, before getting caught by Barrett. Barrett hits his signature powerful move on Bourne, and covers him for the final elimination. This is a clean sweep, as Nexus eliminated everyone on their opposing team. Sheffield hits a big clothesline on the woozy Bourne after the match, and then Otunga hits him with a spinebuster.

Gabriel is the next to assault Bourne after the match, with a 450 splash. Barrett grabs the mic and makes it clear that the audience just witnessed total domination. Barrett explains that Nexus has a singular focus, while Cena, or Jericho’s team is built up of individuals. Sheffield grabs the mic next and explains that Nexus is unbreakable, unlike Cena’s team, as their team members crack their foundation. Tarver’s up next with the mic, and says that Nexus will defeat each and every one of their teammates. Tarver hopes that they will eliminate Cena last at SummerSlam, so that he can witness Nexus’s pure domination. Nexus leaves the ring, and then The Miz and Sheamus are shown backstage arguing. Sheamus points out that the Miz will never beat Sheamus for the WWE Championship. Sheamus says the Miz should name a time and place for their match and he will be game for a fight. The Miz threatens to face off against Sheamus tonight after their match with Cena and Jericho, cashing in his contract after Cena hits Sheamus with an Attitude Adjustment, and after Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on Sheamus, so that Sheamus has no chance. Sheamus knocks the Miz’s briefcase out of his hands and screams that if that were to take place tonight, then the Miz would be in serious trouble.

We’re live from San Antonio, TX tonight, and the Bella Twins are in the house. Brie Bella is set for singles action against Diva’s Champion, Alicia Fox. After entrances, Brie and Fox go at it. Fox gains the quick upper hand, slamming Brie into the corner twice, and then stomping her down. The Bellas attempt a switch while the ref’s back is turned, but Jillian runs down the ramp and prevents Marie from taking Brie’s place in the match. After Brie sneakily rolls Fox up for a two-count, Fox recovers and hits a big scissor kick onto Brie, covering her for the victory. Jillian joins Fox in the ring after the match, and in congratulations will sing for Fox. After a very unique rendition of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” Fox, who is visibly disgusted, kicks Jillian, and hits another scissor kick on her before leaving the ring with her Diva’s Championship.

Back from the commercial break, R-Truth is ringside, and asking San Antonio, “What’s up?” DiBiase enters with Maryse, and it looks like DiBiase will wrestle Morrison again, continuing their feud. Yes, out comes Morrison. R-Truth provides some standard commentary with Cole and Lawler during the match, which begins with DiBiase in control of Morrison. DiBiase puts Morrison into a chin lock, but Morrison breaks out and begins an assault of his own. Back and forth, and Morrison knocks DiBiase in the face. As Morrison prepares to hit DiBiase with Starship Pain, Maryse steps onto the apron to distract Morrison successfully. DiBiase rolls up Morrison in his confusion, using the ropes illegally as leverage. 1, 2…but R-Truth knocks DiBiase’s feet from the ropes in the nick of time to preserve the match for Morrison. Morrison runs at DiBiase, who dodges just in time for Morrison to knock heads with R-Truth outside of the ring. Wrong place, wrong time for R-Truth, and DiBiase covers Morrison for the victory. Confrontation between Morrison and R-Truth ensues after the match, as Morrison blames R-Truth for costing him the match against DiBiase. After the two see the replay, R-Truth continues to reason with Morrison, saying he’s got his back. Cena is looking on from backstage, shaking his head at the unity within his team hanging from a spider’s string.

Back from the break to Cole and Lawler at ringside discussing issues within the WWE universe. They introduce Josh Matthews backstage, who is interviewing Randy Orton. The Viper says that whoever is champion at SummerSlam is irrelevant, because whether it is Sheamus or The Miz, they will receive an RKO, just like tonight, and ultimately lose their championship.

Awesome! It’s main event time, as the Miz enters the ring and holds up his Money in the Bank contract. Tag team partner Sheamus enters next, staring down The Miz all the while. Break the wall down! Out comes Jericho to the ring, and finally Cena enters to an enormous pop. In a match that has the makings of a disaster, the Miz starts off with an attempted cheap shot on Cena, who ducks and counters with a bulldog on Miz. Miz steps out of the ring for a moment, hops back in, and tags Sheamus. Sheamus and Cena lock up, and Sheamus snaps a headlock onto Cena. Cena counters with a headlock of his own, pins Sheamus in his corner, and tags Jericho in. Jericho takes control to another corner, but Sheamus flips Jericho into the corner and beats him down. Jericho breaks out and hits a dropkick on Sheamus. Before the ref stops the carnage, allowing Sheamus to get up, Sheamus whips Jericho into the ropes. Jericho hangs on as Sheamus reveals an oncoming punch to Jericho’s face, so Sheamus instead runs at Jericho, who flips Sheamus over the top rope to the outside mats. The Miz gives Sheamus some lip as he recovers against the outside barricade.

After a commercial break, the action continues with Sheamus hitting a clothesline on Cena in the ring. With Cena down in their corner, the Miz tags in and stomps on Cena. Cena counters with a few punches and a suplex on Miz. Cena covers Miz for a near fall, then tags Jericho in. Jericho is in control, and rolls Miz up into the Walls…no Sheamus distracts Jericho, and the Miz hits a big boot on Jericho’s face. Now Miz is in control, and kicks Jericho into his corner. Sheamus tags himself in and continues the carnage. The Miz chokes Jericho as the ref is distracted by Sheamus’s taunts. Sheamus locks a chin lock chicken wing on Jericho, but Jericho breaks out, only to be slammed down by Sheamus. Two-count pin on Jericho, and as Jericho tries to tag Cena back in, Sheamus drags Jericho back to his corner. Miz tags in and beats down on the fallen Jericho. As Jericho reaches for the ropes, Miz chokes Jericho, and then hits him. Cover, and Jericho grabs the rope to break out. Jericho breaks out and dropkicks Miz from the top rope. Before Jericho can get the hot tag to Cena, Sheamus tags in and prevents him. Sheamus locks Camel Clutch in on Jericho, but Cena rallies the crowd until Jericho breaks out. Sheamus tags Miz in, who corners Jericho. Jericho shows a sign of life, but Miz continues his onslaught. Miz misses a big running move on Jericho and breaks his balls on the turnbuckle, and both men tag out, Cena’s in with the hot tag, and hits a few big moves on Sheamus. Sheamus is down, and Cena hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Sheamus. With Cena stalking Sheamus for an Attitude Adjustment, Jericho inexplicably backstabs Cena with a Codebreaker. The Miz tags in and takes advantage of the situation by covering Cena for 1-2-3, and the victory. After the match, Jericho reenters the ring and locks the Walls of Jericho in on Cena…no, after tapping, Cena counters with and STF. Jericho is tapping now, but Khali enters the ring and breaks up the fight. Edge jumps in and spears Khali now! And everyone is out in the ring from the superstar elimination team. Khali knocks Morrison and Edge down with two big strikes to their heads, and Raw signs off as the team argues and fights with one another. It looks to me as if Cena’s elimination team is reaching its breaking point.

Will Cena’s team get their act together in time to unite against Nexus at SummerSlam? Or will their egos get in the way, providing the fire that Nexus needs to burn and take over World Wrestling Entertainment? Only the curious have something to find, and next week I’ll be back to try and find out on Raw.

Also- shout out to Frankie V for being the first gentleman to respond to my articles with some feedback. Junk Doggy Dog would thump each Nexus member through the ring if they trespassed onto his yard.

Another shout out to my peeps that have been following my reports. Feel free to send some feedback/remarks. Until next week…

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