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RSR Makes the Overseas Call to the Philippines and Manny Pacquiao Takes the Call

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

It’s a 12 hour time difference between Virginia and the Philippines, but the phone is ringing… Hello, is this Congressman Pacquiao or better known to the boxing world, as the P4P top fighter in the sport today? “Yes, this is Manny Pacquiao, how can I help you?” Manny this is “Bad” Brad Berkwitt of Ringside Report.com “The Heart of Boxing”. “Hi BB Manny responds”. Manny I am calling to express my disgust not only for myself, but the entire sport of boxing and being the honorable man that you are, I figured you would at least listen. “Sure go ahead”, Manny responds.

It appears from all media accounts that it was not you who turned down the Floyd Mayweather, JR, fight, but Team Mayweather for a myriad of reasons and none making any sense to the various news sources covering the story. With that said, I am asking you turn down this fight with “Hands of Plaster” Antonio Margarito that disgusts both the boxing world and I because of his cheating ways. We already both know that Bob Arum would have to pay off the commission to get him licensed in the US and with big dollars being handed under tables, poof just like that, a license has the possibility of appearing.

“Go on BB” Manny says on the other end of the phone. My thought is just this. If you turn the fight down with Margarito you are not only showing the boxing world what so many of the Pacnuts and even some groupie writers who you must get a kick out all the sucking up they do to you think and that is that you are the “Anointed One”… “BB, those groupie writers are something and funny you mention that. We always laugh very hard when we read the groupie stuff, but nonetheless, groupie love is still press.”

I can’t argue that with you on that one Manny for sure press is press. (We both laugh) However, back to the case in point. Are you willing to turn this fight down and face anyone other than a cheater who if he had not been caught loading his wraps, may have went on to injure other boxers as he did a Class Act in Miguel Cotto? A fighter you also faced and beat thoroughly, but I think that some of that was due to the horrible beating he took from the “Hands of Plaster”.

“BB, for you to call across the world today to talk with me something my team has also done, I am quite moved and when we hang up, I am calling Bob Arum personally to tell him no way, no how, will I ever fight Antonio Margarito a known and punished cheater in the sport of boxing where men put their lives on the line every time they step in the ring.” Manny, you have my utmost respect for your stance and RSR will report that you stood up to Bob Arum!

There you have it boxing fans, “Just Say No” on November 13th or before to Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito and let’s show Bob Arum that this time around, we are not supporting a fight that will bring him in money. For the record, I recently wrote an article supporting what Arum was doing with stadium venues was a great thing for boxing/boxing fans, but then he tries to pull this one over on the boxing world.

(Disclaimer: Manny was played by a local actor for this article, but it would be great if the real Manny Pacquiao did in fact, say all of the above!)

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