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Tony Jeter: Sugar Ray Leonard, Lange II, & Family

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Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“I think I have done fairly well in my boxing career and I have done it my way.”—Tony Jeter

Tony Jeter is one of those boxers that put asses in seats. Whether it’s the love or the hate you have for him, you want to see him fight. He comes to fight, and win or lose, you know it will be some type of war in that coveted square circle.

Almost two years ago, you had Jeter come into “The house that Jimmy Lange built” and beat him pillar to post minus one knockdown and several point infractions for various things. In fact, veteran referee Steve “SS” Smoger  who was the third man in the ring that night, called Tony Jeter, “the dirtiest fucking fighter he has ever seen.” In war, you do whatever you have to win is what a real fighter will tell you.

For years, there has been talk of a rematch and finally on November 15th, the DMV fans are getting their wish. On paper, you may say this fight means nothing. Tell that to Jeter and Lange. One is fighting to avenge a loss he never thought was coming. The other, wants to show it was not a fluke the first time around.

These are the kinds of battles that don’t get shown on HBO or Showtime, but when you sit there witnessing it live, you walk away with a lifelong memory you will not soon forget.

Tickets are priced at $50, $75, $125, $250 and $500 (plus applicable service charges), can be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets, including the Patriot Center box office, online at www.ticketmaster.com/ and via Phonecharge at 1-800-745-3000.

Doors will open at 6:00 pm, with the first fight scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm.

BB: Well, the rematch with Jimmy Lange has finally been made for November 15th. What went on behind the scenes to make this fight finally happen?

For the last two years, I didn’t know they wanted a rematch. A few weeks ago I heard through the grapevine that they were interested in fighting again. So, I called Johnny Lange and the fight was made. I am honored to be back in the ring with Jimmy. The first fight was exciting and I am looking forward to another great fight November 15th.

BB: The DMV has a true Love/Hate relationship with you more than any other fighter I have covered over the last 14 years. Why do you think that is?

I think I have done fairly well in my boxing career and I have done it my way. I think there is a handful of people that resent it and don’t like the fact that I have done it my way. Ultimately, as long as they are talking about me and I am relevant, I am succeeding. People are envious of success.

BB: What do you say to the folks who always say, “everytime Tony Jeter steps up, he gets knocked out”?

Well, let’s look at the three times I have stepped up in my career. The first, was to avenge the loss versus Jose Felix when I was stopped. Sixty five days after the loss, I immediately stepped back in to the ring with Felix and did my first 8 round bout. In this fight, I dropped him three times and won almost every round. The second step up, was against Lange. This was a leap up, not a step up. At the time of the fight, Lange was 38-4-2 with 26 knockouts and I was 14-3-1 with 10 knockouts and we all know how that fight went. The third time I stepped up, I travelled to Denmark to fight Patrick Nielsen who was 22-0 and 16 years younger than me. Nielsen was rated in the top 5 in the WBA, WBO and IBF. The fight was made 5 weeks out and I was nursing an injury. I had to take an advantage of the opportunity at 38 years old. So, I really don’t think we can say that every time I step up, I get knocked out. Anyone who says that, needs to review the facts.

BB: At the age of 38, what keeps the fire in your belly to keep stepping in that ring and taking punches when outside of it, you have done very well as a promoter?

After years of inactivity, I still feel capable enough to make it happen. I am just starting to get my feet wet as a promoter. I’ve gotten better as I have gotten older, unlike many fighters. But, I do know that my boxing career is winding down. I have the rest of my life to promote.

BB: If you could face any middleweight in the history of boxing, who would you pick and what do you think the outcome would be?

I would pick Sugar Ray Leonard. I looked up to him growing up and it would be a huge honor to step into the ring with him. If I can make it out of the first round, I  would consider that a win.

BB: You have been in the sport of boxing for thirteen years now. In your opinion, has it improved or gotten worse?

I can only speak to the era I am in. Boxing currently has the highest paid athlete in the world and more fights are televised than ever. I don’t think boxing is in a bad place right now.

BB: Outside of boxing, what is one thing that would surprise the RSR readers to find out about you?

I am a homebody. I don’t drink. I don’t party. I have never smoked a cigarette or tried a drug. My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my family and go to the movies. Oh and my favorite color is pink.

BB: Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers and if so, how do you think it can finally be accomplished?

Yes, I am in favor of a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers, but I don’t know how it could be accomplished. There are so many variables in boxing that it makes it hard to come up with guidelines that could be applied across the board.

BB: Finally, what is the saying you live your life by?

“Go hard or go home”. That is exactly what I plan to do on November 15th.

Tony wanted to add the following to our interview:

Brad, thank you so much. You have always supported me and I appreciate it.

Tony Jeter
Division: Middleweight
Professional Record: 17-4-1, 12 KO’s

Date Opponent W-L-D Location Result

2014-04-26 Guillermo Valdes 12-5-0 Annandale, US W KO 1
WBC FECARBOX Middleweight Title
vacant USA Virginia State Middleweight Title
2014-02-15 Patrick Nielsen 21-0-0 Albertslund, DK L KO 2
vacant WBC Silver Middleweight Title

2013-08-03 Tyrel Brown 7-3-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
WBC FECARBOX Middleweight Title
2013-06-08 Jimmy LeBlanc 13-24-4 Washington, US NC NC 1

2012-10-27 Jimmy Lange 38-4-2 Fairfax, US W SD 10
2012-09-22 Tyrel Brown 7-2-0 Millersville, US W TKO 5
vacant WBC FECARBOX Middleweight Title
2012-02-25 Jose Felix 11-11-2 Millersville, US W UD 8
vacant Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) All America Middleweight Title

2011-12-17 Jose Felix 10-11-2 Arlington, US L TKO 5
2011-11-19 Ken Dunham 6-12-1 Upper Marlboro, US W UD 4
2011-03-12 Mike McFail 12-41-2 Fairfax, US W UD 6

2010-11-10 Adrian Redmond 4-7-1 Washington, US W KO 2
2010-07-10 Lawrence Jones 3-2-1 Fairfax, US D TD 1
2010-04-02 Vincent Robbins 3-8-2 Washington, US W KO 2

2009-09-26 Keith Gross 3-1-0 Fairfax, US W KO 1

2008-11-14 Darrett Crockett 6-20-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2008-09-19 Chris Cook 3-14-1 Millersville, US W UD 4
2008-04-18 Pete Guthy 1-3-2 Pikesville, US W TKO 1

2005-12-02 James Shedrick 3-4-0 Millersville, US L KO 4
2005-10-07 Lawrence Frisby 3-8-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2001-10-05 Kwame Bumpus 1-0-1 Philadelphia, US L UD 4

2001-06-29 Richard McCombs 1-0-0 Washington, US W TKO 1
2001-03-30 Curtis Wilkens 1-5-0 Dover, US NC NC 2
2001-02-07 Donald Beynum 0-1-0 Washington, US W KO 3
2001-01-25 Ervin Fuller 1-1-0 Glen Burnie, US W TKO 1

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