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Ask the Fighter: Former Top Rated Light Heavyweight Contender Vonzell Johnson Answers Readers Questions – Email Bag

Hosted by Vonzell Johnson

Matthew Saad Muhammad Vs. Michael Spinks – What If?

MR Johnson,

It’s great to hear you are still around boxing. I remember as a young ten year old sitting with my dad in front of the TV when you fought Michael Spinks. Dad thought you were going to knock him out because you trained with Angelo Dundee. Who do you think was tougher between Matthew Saad Muhammad and Michael Spinks? Who do you think would have won if they fought? Thanks for answering my questions.

Tom Plantation FL


I would say that Matthew Saad Muhammad would have won the fight against Michael Spinks.

I Remember Vonzell


Man it has been over 35 years. My sister Betty and I were ringside when you fought Jerry Celestine in New Orleans. Go Saints! Who paid those judges off because you beat him to death. What are you up today?

Mike D. still in New Orleans

Mike ,

I am doing fine and still teaching boxing in Columbus Ohio. I never counted that fight as a loss because like you said, I beat him up in every round!

Old Vs. New


I have to be honest, I have never seen you fight but I heard about your era. Are there any champions in your division today that could have competed with your group of legendary champions?



I would say no, because there were so many great fighters back then and today, there are good fighters, but not great ones.

The Legend: Angelo Dundee


I have always admired MR Angelo Dundee from TV and in books. What was he really like outside of boxing game?



Angelo was a great man inside and outside of the boxing world. He really cared about people and I miss him dearly.

Vonzell Johnson
Division: Light Heavyweight
Professional record: 22-3, 11 KO’s

Date Opponent Location Result

1974-11-12 Sylvester Wilder Indianapolis, US W PTS 4
1974-12-09 Charlie Jordan Highland Park, US W KO 3

1975-05-08 Joe Middleton Baltimore, US W PTS 6
1975-05-22 Wayne McGee Baltimore, US W UD 6
1975-06-17 Joe Middleton Landover, US W UD 6
1975-06-25 George McGee Toledo, US W PTS 8
1975-09-23 Aaron Solomon Jacinto City, US W PTS 6

1976-04-21 Bruce Scott Seattle, US W KO 3
1976-05-05 Terry Lee Incline Village, US W KO 6
1976-05-25 Eddie Owens Seattle, US W TKO 10
1976-10-06 Charlie Brooks Las Vegas, US W KO 5
1976-10-27 Vernon McIntosh Las Vegas, US W TKO 8
1976-11-24 Hildo Silva Las Vegas, US W PTS 10

1977-03-27 Tony Greene San Antonio, US W TKO 3
1977-06-22 Gary Summerhays Columbus, US W PTS 10
1977-08-23 Jerry Celestine New Orleans, US L PTS 10
1977-10-13 Ron Wilson Columbus, US W KO 10
1977-11-26 Hank Gregory Columbus, US W KO 2

1978-06-22 Chuck Warfield Kalamazoo, US W KO 7

1979-09-26 Larry Sims Windsor, CA W PTS 10

1980-05-23 Bill Hollis Clarkston, US W KO 3
1980-08-09 Johnny Davis Atlantic City, US W PTS 8
1980-12-13 Andros Ernie Barr Miami, US W PTS 10

1981-02-28 Matthew Saad Muhammad Atlantic City, US L TKO 11
WBC World Light Heavyweight Title
1981-11-07 Michael Spinks Atlantic City, US L TKO 7
WBA World Light Heavyweight Title

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