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Sam Sexton Says Derek Chisora Needs More than Sylvester Stallone and his Band of Expendables

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Sam Sexton says Derek Chisora will need more than the backing of Sylvester Stallone to record victory in their British and Commonwealth heavyweight title fight. The pair meet on September 18 at the LG Arena, Birmingham. Last week, Chisora met up with Stallone at the premiere of his latest film, the Expendables. And the Rocky actor gave him his full support ahead of his fight with Sexton. But the Commonwealth champion has hit back at his domestic rival.

“I’ve seen the trailer for the Expendables and the acting is about as wooden as Chisora’s fighting,” said Norfolk star Sexton. Derek fancies himself as a bit of a playboy, but he’s getting knocked out when he fights me, celebrity mates or no celebrity mates. While he was swanning around at the premiere, I was putting in the hard yards at my training camp.

“I’ve not been indulging myself like Derek has, and that will be evident on the night. I think winning the British title has gone to Derek’s head a bit. But all he did was beat up on a past it Danny Williams. He has proved nothing yet, whereas I twice went to Belfast to beat Martin Rogan, and also won Prizefighter.”

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