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Manny Pacquiao’s Texas Showdown: The PacMan Does the Wrong Thing for Boxing

By Geno McGahee

I have read just about everywhere, especially the blogs of the blind Manny Pacquiao followers and groupies that Pacquiao only does things for the right reasons, and that Floyd Mayweather, JR., has been the villain from day one in the heavily publicized showdown with Pacquiao, but from the initial announcement of Antonio Margarito as an opponent to the now apparent approval in Texas of Antonio Margarito for a boxing license, boxing has sunk to a new low, and Pacquiao is a big part of it.

Manny Pacquiao is in a very good position to make a stand against people like Antonio Margarito, those that have made boxing a sport that the networks ignore and have driven fans away. Margarito is a proven cheater that would most likely do it again if it meant lining his pockets and should be not only banned from boxing but imprisoned. Panama Lewis was thrown in prison for 3 years for doing basically the same thing that he was guilty of. They both tampered with the gloves. There are many parties here in this injustice headed to Dallas, Texas, on November 13th.

Bob Arum

Bob Arum, a liar and double-talker, cares about one thing and one thing only and that is money, and he knows that a showdown with the two popular fighters will generate a lot of green for him. In the documentary: “ASSAULT IN THE RING,” Arum says that what Luis Resto did was unforgivable and he should never be allowed back into the ring, but when his fighter Margarito was guilty of the same thing, he quickly jumped to his defense and began rambling that had his fighter been white, he would have not gotten into any trouble. The last resort of somebody without a case is to blame racism, and Arum knows how to play the game. He planted the seed and some complete idiots may actually believe that racism played a part in the banning of Margarito from the sport.

You cannot expect anything righteous from Arum. There are those people out there that just want to make a buck, people that want to put live executions on pay per view, and as long as there’s a market, they will look forward to clearing some money. Arum is a boxing promoter and he could care less what happens inside the ring as long as it’s beneficial to him. Shame on him for bringing Margarito back into boxing and for using his money and power to get him licensed.

Antonio Margarito

When you examine the career of Margarito, you see this knockout streak appear and amazingly, it is over very good opposition. Most would point to his grit and willpower as the reasons why he was stopping these people, and that is what I thought and many others thought as he plowed down Kermit Cintron (twice) and stopped and undefeated Miguel Cotto, but the ugly truth surfaced when he took on Shane Mosley.

One of the worst things you can do inside the boxing ring is tampering with gloves. Margarito’s hands were wrapped and then Plaster of Paris was used to make his fists cement blocks, potential deadly weapons. When a warrior like Miguel Cotto didn’t fold, his face became a swollen mess, looking as if he was in a car accident without a seatbelt. He eventually caved in from the punishment and never recovered mentally from it. Margarito has moved on, taken no blame in the matter, and now assumes the role of boxing’s bad boy, but this guy is much worse than most.

A guy that has built his success streak at the risk of the lives of his opponents should not be allowed to fight again. Steroid use deserves a ban, loaded gloves deserves jail time, not a reward and make no mistake, there is no bigger reward than a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Jerry Jones

Although no mention from Jones has been made in regards to the fight at the arena in Dallas, where Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Joshua Clottey was held, Arum has seemed confident that it would take place there. Jones is another guy that is in it for the money and it’s a business, and we can understand that, but the positive strides that were made for boxing as Jones held the fight in the arena are going to be all for not, as Margarito steps into the ring to face Manny.

Expect Jones to be part of a big announcement soon regarding this fight, and there is no doubt that a lot of people are going to line their pockets on this fight, unless the people speak and refuse to rent on principle.

Manny Pacquiao

At one time, Evander Holyfield noted that he would not “fight a convicted rapist,” referring to Mike Tyson, but as usual, would contradict himself and proceed with the bout when the bills were waved in front of his face. Pacquiao has a lot of fans and a reputation of a warrior that is humble and does things for the right reasons. Some point to the fact that he has taken this fight to beat up a cheater and punish him for hurting the sport. That’s nonsense. This fight is as much about the money to Pacquiao as it is to Arum and Jones, and everyone else with their hand in the cookie jar.

This decision to fight Margarito has hurt the reputation of Pacquiao and further hurts boxing as a whole. Had he said that he would not face a known cheater, a man that could have killed Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron because he doesn’t deserve the reward that a big scale pay per view brings and should not be allowed to fight again, it would have been great for the sport and further his reputation as the good guy in boxing.

The People

We the people have the power to shut this farce down, but it’s a long shot. I’ll tell you the winner of this fight right now so maybe then you will send the message that boxing is better than a Margarito and the crooks that have their hands in the cookie jar. Pacquiao wins by TKO in the middle rounds. Margarito isn’t much without his hands plastered. Amazingly, the controversy, the bad boy, and the element of death will sell this fight if you allow it. I will not rent it. I could care less who wins. There are many other fights out there for Pacquiao that don’t involve taking on a guy like Margarito, but Arum wants to keep his fighter in the mix and has found the biggest fight possible for him.

I am prepared for the negative backlash from the Pacnuts and “writers” (aka: groupies) that will defend Pacquiao no matter what decision he makes. I would like to hear how any of the Pacnuts and/or hanger-ons defends the Margarito choice. Wrong is wrong. This is wrong for boxing, wrong for the fans, and the wrong choice by Manny Pacquiao.

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