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Could It Be? Boxing Fans Agree Manny Pacquiao is Doing the Wrong Thing For Boxing

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Yesterday, RSR’s Managing Editor Geno McGahee wrote an article titled Manny Pacquiao’s Texas Showdown: The PacMan Does the Wrong Thing for Boxing and fans rang in from comments on the article to message boards around the world.  You had folks such as DoninLouisiana who said, ‘‘You make some good points, and I’ll give you your kudos for how well its written.” Over on Pacland’s Message Board, you had posters such as: The Mexican who said: “Couldn’t agree more with this guy….. great article!”, Namme who said, “I understand the point of the writer.”, and Pacstorm who said, “I hate to agree with Mexi. It’s a sad reality but it’s true nonetheless. Pac is in this solely for the money. He spent a ton to be congressman, and so he needs to replenish his depleted stash of moolah.”

In emails that were supposed to be to Geno this AM, I got one from a guy who refers to himself as Group E Dooney and this is not the first email from him about something either Geno or I wrote.  His MO is to always be mad and type in all CAPS!  Group E Dooney said, “GENO, WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE MANNY PACQUIAO A GOD FEARING MAN THAT I LOVE AND WORSHIP.  YOU ARE AN AS@!(*@ AND A GALPAL TO BERKWITT.  MANNY IS MY BEST FRIEND! Like always, Group E Dooney just rants and never makes any points, but hey, this is America and even groupies need to be heard to from time to time even if they do crack us up.

So you see, an article that is well written can be discussed by most even “Pacnuts” who agree that Manny should pass on this fight, but also state, he is in the sport to make money. I cannot argue that point, but I think it is more about Principal.  Can you imagine if in the 12th hour, Manny stood up and said, “The Boxing World has spoken and I am turning down this fight because a cheater like Antonio Margarito doesn’t deserve the payday I will bring him on November 13th.  He ruined my brother in boxing Miguel Cotto a Class Act and probably countless others before him!”  If Manny were to do this, he would prove what I do think about him once and for all, and that is he a fighter of great integrity and only wants the best for boxing. 

Manny there is still time to turn this fight down and I have no doubt if you did, no matter who you fight other than “Hands of Plaster” Antonio Margarito, you will sell the venue out and bring in huge numbers for the PPV. I will be right there with my $59.95 in hand if you do the right thing!

In fact, let’s go one further…  For anyone out there that agrees, let’s use this article as a Petition to Bob Arum that this fight should not happen.  By registering on RSR, and just putting your name down with or without a comment, you are agreeing this fight should not happen.  Let your voices be heard!

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