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X Posse Productions Announces SCARY TALES

RSR Press Release

There is no rest for the wicked at X Posse Productions. After the 2009 completion of FAMILY SECRET, production has began on the fourth movie, Written and Directed by Geno McGahee, “SCARY TALES,” an anthology featuring five tales that will surely scare you out of your pants.

For SCARY TALES, McGahee has recruited the best cast and crew he has ever assembled and plans to give the horror fans a 1-2 punch of quality and terror with FAMILY SECRET and SCARY TALES.

X Posse Productions is proud to announce the cast and crew of SCARY TALES…

The Crew

Writer/Director/Producer – Geno McGahee
Co-Producer – Steven and Melissa Garza
Assistant Director – Steven Joseph Adams
Editor/Advisor – Forris Day JR
Grip/Lighting – Neil Vermette & David Sauriol
Special Effects/Make Up – Jamie Swimm, Leeann Aubuchon & Meghan Salisbury
Graphics – Jamie Swimm

The Cast

Jaki Valensi Lauper
Forris Day JR
Tim Pieciak
Kate Lago
Logan Lopez
Crystal Aya Ruppert
Ed Reed III
Martin DuPlessis
Sarah Surprenant
Susan Trudeau
Scott Day
Richard Smith
Steven Joseph Adams
David Sauriol
Brent Northup
Jeremy Weiskotten
Bill Boughton
Mike Lauper
Rumual Silva
Jacob Moon
Ray Surprenant
Leeann Aubuchon
Josh Tienson
Charlotte Lewis
Savanah Lee Gauthier
Mike Anderson

Filming officially began in late April of 2010 and will complete filming in early October. Horror fans keep your eyes out for FAMILY SECRET and SCARY TALES. They will be coming soon. Keep coming back for future press releases featuring production photo and up to date news on X Posse Productions.

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