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Jesse’s WWE RAW Report: Hell in the Cell & Nexus News

By Jesse Castleman

This week’s Raw offers up a few matches for the next pay per view, expands on some old rivalries, and ultimately provides some solid entertainment. If you’re just interested in quick results, just scroll down and look for the bold writing for the match results. With that said, here we go…

Raw kicks off live from the Conseco Field House in Indianapolis. Four titles changed hands last night at Night of Champions; Justin Roberts introduces the new WWE Champion—Randy Orton! Out comes Orton to a pop from the crowd. Orton RKO’d Sheamus to capture the title last night at the pay per view. Former WWE Champ Sheamus interrupts Orton, saying that he cannot let Orton have this moment because he doesn’t deserve it. Sheamus says he’s had the title stolen from him twice now, and that the fans must be happy because all they’ve done is discriminate against him since he’s been champion. Sheamus tells Orton that he’s never beaten him one-on-one for the WWE Championship. Sheamus tells Orton that his victory was pathetic.

Orton rebuttals: Orton reminds Sheamus that he has never BEATEN him in his entire life, and that the only thing pathetic is HIM. Orton says Sheamus is entitled to a rematch, and suggests that he does it quickly because if not, he will receive a kick to the skull.

Sheamus tells Orton that he doesn’t intimidate him, then threatens to kick his head off. Orton dares Sheamus to try…

Blinks! Cole to the podium to read another email: the anonymous GM informs them that they will have their championship match inside Hell in a Cell at the next pay per view.

Sheamus reminds us all that he ended Triple H’s career with his bare hands and that he’s never been inside a cell before. Sheamus tells Orton to give him his gold back! Sheamus is referring to the WWE Championship, which he reminds that Orton did not win by beating him one-on-one. After telling Orton to give the title belt back, Sheamus says that if Orton beats him at HIAC he will give the belt back to him.

Orton tells Sheamus that he’s not a charitable man, being that he has hospitalized many people, who may or may not have deserved it, and neither is Sheamus honorable. Randy says he would RKO his grandmother to keep this title, and then RKO Sheamus’s grandmother just to see his reaction. Orton reminds Sheamus that he is the only WWE Champion, and only he holds the title. Randy then contemplates, and says if Sheamus really wants it that bad, then he can go ahead and take it. Orton holds the belt out, but when Sheamus reaches for it, he only receives an RKO. Orton celebrates with his title belt as Sheamus lies face-planted in the ground, and all the while the crowd cheers. Orton stops before he reaches the ramp, and goes back into the ring to set Sheamus up for a punt to the head! Orton runs up to Sheamus, but Sheamus rolls out of the ring before it’s too late. The two stare each other down before Raw goes to a commercial break.

David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd join Cole and King at ringside. Cole asks the Hart Dynasty if they cried their selves to sleep last night after they lost the Tag Team Championships last night. Meanwhile Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, the new champions, make their way to the ring. Tyson Kidd needs to learn how to speak more eloquently. Out come Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov to face the new tag champs. Rhodes starts off against Santino, who misses a punch. Marella tries to take Rhodes down, but Rhodes just stomps him, Marella flips up but Rhodes smacks him down. Tag to McIntyre, who kicks Marella down. McIntyre asks for Marella to tag in Kozlov. Marella tells McIntyre that he’s stupid, and honors McIntyre’s request. As Kozlov enters the match, David Hart Smith does his Drew McIntyre impression from ringside, which is pretty dead-on. Back to the action, McIntyre pounds on Kozlov, but Kozlov monkey flips McIntyre off of him. They lock hands in the ring, then McIntyre kicks Kozlov. Kozlov hits a fireman’s carry on McIntyre and tags Marella in, who is all pumped up. Marella punches McIntyre in the face, but Drew just looks angry and runs at the apologetic Marella. Marella evades a clothesline, sending McIntyre into the ropes, then hits a hip toss on him. Santino awakens the cobra, but McIntyre boots Marella in the face.

Pin for a near fall, then McIntyre tags Rhodes back in. Rhodes hits a suplex flap jack on Marella then knees him in the face. McIntyre tags back in and hits a few boots on Marella’s head. Rhodes back in, and they continue the teamwork. The crowd chants for Santino as he evades a move by Rhodes and tags Kozlov in. Kozlov tackles McIntyre, who has also tagged in, and shoves him into the corner. Kozlov picks McIntyre up for a powerslam, slams him, and covers him for 2 until Rhodes breaks up the count. Marella attempts to toss Rhodes over the ropes to the outside, but Rhodes counters and Marella instead finds himself where he wanted Rhodes to be. Rhodes, however, turns around to receive a stiff sidekick to the face from Kozlov, and he goes down to the outside. McIntyre stalks Kozlov and hits him with a Futureshock DDT. Cover, 1, 2, 3, so Rhodes and McIntyre get the victory. They celebrate with the championship belts after the match, and Smith notes that Cody is holding the belt upside down.

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre def. Santino Marella & Vladmir Kozlov by pinfall

Cole and King attempt to promote John Cena’s Legendary. After, a replay of last week’s match between John Morrison and Sheamus is showcased. Morrison warms up backstage, then hits a pose for the camera before another commercial break.

Edge is backstage with Zack Ryder. Ryder says he’s glad Edge lost last night because they can chill again. They can go to the clubs and fist pound! Edge stops him and tells him that they are NOT friends. Edge says that he is screwed now because he won’t get another title shot. Daniel Bryan interrupts and asks them if they can keep it down. Edge tells Bryan that he cannot tell him what to do just because he won the US title last night. Ryder says he thinks Bryan is trying to tell Edge that he is interrupting his reading time. Then Ryder tells Bryan to read this: and puts an “L” up on his forehead at him. Ryder goes for the high five, but Edge leaves him hanging. Edge says that he wants to hurt someone tonight, and that someone is him. Edge says that if he has any guts, he will show up tonight. Bryan agrees, then walks away. Ryder says “bye loser” and flips the “L” up again. Edge tells Ryder that his L is backwards and walks off.

Chris Jericho walks out to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Jericho will be in action against John Morrison, who makes his usual slow-mo entrance, but this time intensifies it. Morrison looks for retribution tonight since Jericho cost him his spot at NOC. Morrison goes right after Jericho with right hands, whips him into the ropes, but Jericho jumps to the outside. Morrison chases Jericho around and gets him back in the ring. Jericho misses a flying cross body on Morrison into the corner, and ends up on the outside. Morrison jumps over the top onto Jericho before Raw goes to another break.

Back to the action, Morrison dominates Jericho in the corner, but Jericho hits a cheap shot on him. Jericho hits an enziguri on Morrison, then pushes him off the apron into the barricade to gain some momentum. Jericho raises his fist as he waits for Morrison to get up. Jericho goes to the outside and kicks Morrison’s midsection. Jericho drops Morrison onto the barricade, then jumps back into the ring and wipes his hands clean. Jericho is on fire as the ref starts the 10-count. Morrison goes to the apron, but Jericho suplexes him into the ring. Stomp to the face, the chest, then Jericho hits a back body drop on Morriosn. One, two, and only a near fall after Jericho’s pin.

Jericho taunts Morrison, calling him a stupid man, but Morrison breaks out. Jericho hits a dropkick to Morrison’s jaw, then chokes him on the ropes. Jericho is reeling. Jericho goes for a body slam, but Morrison counters into a small package, 1, 2, kick out. Jericho hits a clothesline on Morrison and a pin, 1, 2, kick out. Jericho places a headlock on Morrison, but he breaks out. Jericho chops Morrison in the chest hard and whips him. Morrison kicks Jericho on the rebound though and tries to whip him in return, but Jericho counters and sends Morrison into the ropes. Morrison hits a flying elbow, then dropkicks Jericho. Morrison punches Jericho in the corner and whips him to the opposite one. Jericho kicks Morrison in the face though and bulldogs him. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but Morrison evades. Jericho lands on his feet, and Morrison attempts a flash kick on Y2J, but Jericho catches Morrison into the Walls of Jericho. Jericho turns Morrison over and locks the submission in. Morrison tries to make it to the ropes with all of his strength, and reaches them. Jericho breaks the submission. Jericho attempts to hit Morrison to the outside, but Morrison evades and rolls Jericho up. See-Saw pins, one after another for 2-counts, occur between the two men, but Jericho ultimately tries to put the Walls on Morrison again. He flips him, but does a full rotation and Morrison isn’t locked in. Jericho tries again, but this time Morrison flips Jericho out of it. Morrison hits a big knee to Jericho’s face, then hits the Starship Pain on Jericho. The pin, 1, 2, 3! A big victory for John Morrison, but Jericho’s downward spiral continues. Morrison stares Jericho down from the top of the ramp, and Jericho looks upset in the ring. Jericho crawls to the outside and sits on the apron as the crowd chants for him. King mentions that Jericho is not accustomed to losing this much as he walks off.

John Morrison def. Chris Jericho by pinfall

John Cena’s locker is shown before Raw goes to another break.

Josh Matthews interviews John Cena backstage, asking him if he was disappointed that he didn’t win last night. Cena says nothing’s wrong, and that he actually enjoyed watching Orton win last night because he got to see him RKO Barrett. Cena reminds us that Nexus is down to five members. If he takes out the leader, Nexus will fall to pieces, and the winds of change will stop after he takes him out tonight.

Awesome! The former US champ enters the stage and says that for the record, he did not tap out last night, and Daniel Bryan didn’t beat him. Miz says he woke up yesterday with a tender medial collateral ligament. After doctors asked him not to compete, but because he’s a real champ, he competed. He did what no one else would do, including the fatso in the front row. Miz had to save himself from potential surgery last night. Miz says that he can and WILL regain his US Championship. Because he’s the Miz, and he… he did not tap out! Brilliant promo from the Miz. He joins Cole and King for commentary. Commercial break time.

Michael Cole shakes the Miz’s hand at ringside. Edge makes his way to the ring to face Daniel Bryan. Miz signs Cole’s WWE magazine at ringside, and King reminds Cole that he has a match to call. Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring with some new music… classic nerd music. Miz says Bryan looks like his plumber, and calls him an embarrassment. Miz says that he is a superstar, and that his title has lost all prestige now. The bell rings, and Edge pounds away on Bryan in the corner. Edge stomps Bryan. Bryan fights back, but Edge knocks him down. Edge chokes Bryan on the ropes, then crossbodies him into them. Edge pulls Bryan to the outside and tosses him into the barricade. Bryan holds his head, but Edge continues the assault with a right hand, then tosses him into the ring. Edge is sadistic, posing for the crowd, then kicks Bryan. Bryan kicks Edge a few times in the face, but Edge hits an Edge-o-Matic on Bryan, then covers him for a 2-count. Meanwhile, Miz announces that he has signed Alex Riley to a personal contract as his assistant, and that A-Ry will be alongside him at all times, except for today. Bryan fights out of a lock, then Edge runs the ropes and runs into a knee from Bryan. Edge whips him into the corner, but Bryan flips out. Bryan knocks Edge down, but Edge counters into an Edgecution, but Bryan breaks out and hits a spinning heel kick on Edge. Pin, 1, 2, Edge kicks out.

Bryan heads to the top rope, and jumps into a big boot from Edge. Edge gets pumped up for a Spear as he stalks Bryan, but Edge runs right into a LaBell lock from Bryan. A-Ry runs down the ramp and jumps onto the apron to distract Bryan however, and as the ref pursues Riley, The Miz hangs Bryan up on the ropes to stun him. With this, Edge nails a Spear on Bryan and the ref counts 1, 2, 3 after Edge pins Bryan for the victory. Miz gets his revenge with his A-Ry distraction plan. Edge celebrates, but suddenly there are blinks!

Cole to the podium: the GM says due to outside interference from the Miz, he is reversing the referee’s decision. The winner of the match, due to disqualification, is Daniel Bryan. Edge grabs the mic and says that he is sick of this. This isn’t a joke, this is his career, and he wants to know who the general manager is. Edge throws the mic down and walks out. Riley and Miz pummel Bryan now in the ring. Miz boots Bryan in the face, then does it again. The crowd chants that he tapped out, so he continues. Riley holds Bryan up, and Miz pounds away at Bryan, punching, kicking, and slapping him in the face. Miz tells Riley not to let him go, and Miz continues to slap him while yelling in his face that he is nothing, not a champion. The heat continues, and after stalling for a second, The Miz nails Bryan with another kick to his face. Miz rolls his sleeves up, and CONTINUES to embarrass Bryan as Riley holds him. Miz tells Bryan to look at him, the future champion, then hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Bryan in the middle of the ring. Miz says congratulations to Bryan, then coolly walks off with Riley. Bryan is face-down in the ring, and the crowd continues the chant at Miz. Miz claps for Bryan while Riley laughs, and refs check on what remains of Bryan in the ring.

Daniel Bryan def. Edge by disqualification

LayCool walks out to the ring as we return from break. They each have Diva’s Championships, since McCool defeated Melina last night to unify the women’s titles. Layla will be facing Melina now, who also makes her way to the ring, doing her signature split while entering the ring. Melina pounds away at Layla, tosses her in the corner, and just brutalizes her to start. Melina tosses Layla down and knees her face. Layla catches a break and tosses Melina out now, but Melina clotheslines Layla. Melina points at McCool, who is at ringside, and chases her around before McCool jumps over the barricade into the crowd. Layla grabs Melina before she reaches McCool, however, though Melina manages to tackle Layla’s back into the ring.

Melina smashes Layla’s head now, then tosses her back in the ring. Layla rushes Melina, who evades another attack, and hits a facebuster on Layla into the canvas. Melina dropkicks Layla in the face, then takes it to her in the corner. Melina is just destroying Layla. Melina places Layla on the turnbuckle, but Layla kicks Melina in the face. Layla grabs Melina over the head as she is seated, then flips over her and hits a gorgeous stunner on Melina. Layla covers Melina, 1, 2, 3. After being dismantled for the entire match, Layla manages to successfully defend the Diva’s Championship against Melina with a beautiful knockout move. Layla and McCool celebrate in the ring after the match.

Layla def. Melina by pinfall; retains Unified Diva’s Championship

David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Daniel Tarver, and Wade Barrett conspire backstage before Josh Matthews interviews Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho announces the release of his 3-disc compilation set. Jericho says that as great as he has been in the past, he will be better. Jericho then reveals that he has the IP address off of Michael Cole’s computer. Jericho says that he will exploit the anonymous when he figures it all out. Randy Orton pops up behind him and tells Jericho that if he beats him next week, then he will give him a title shot whenever he wants. Jericho asks what the catch is, and Orton tells him that if he loses, then we will not be seeing Jericho around here for a long time. Jericho tells Orton that he’s made a career of beating wrestlers who have underestimated him. Jericho says he will face Orton next week.

R-Truth makes his entrance with Eve Torres now. It looks like these two are going to be partners now. Truth spits on the mic as Torres shows off her dancing moves. Commercial break.

Ted DiBiase and his girlfriend Maryse make their entrance now. It will be a mixed tag team match between the Million Dollar Couple and Truth & Torres. I like it, and DiBiase is getting some good heat from the crowd. Truth asks the crowd what’s up, and starts it off against DiBiase. Truth braeaks out some dance moves, then DiBiase misses a clothesline. Truth evades a whip, then hits a heel kick on DiBiase. Maryse tags in and Truth tells her to stop. He breaks out some more dance moves, then Maryse slaps him. Torres runs in and tackles Maryse, but Maryse takes control and chokes Eve on the ropes. Maryse hits Eve, but misses a kick, and Eve takes advantage and trips her down. Eve runs off the ropes and hits a flipping senton onto Maryse! Cover, 1, 2, but DiBiase breaks it up Truth runs in and takes it to DiBiase.

He clotheslines him over the ropes, then jumps over them and hits a splash on top of DiBiase. Back in the ring, Maryse attempts a reverse DDT on Eve, but Torres counters out and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Maryse. Eve covers Maryse, 1, 2, 3. Truth and Eve celebrate after the match, but DiBiase looks furious as he tries to figure out what had happened. Truth and Torres dance up the ramp as DiBiase and Maryse argue about the match outcome. Cryptic message on the Tron: “I will have you” is shown as some sexy jazzy music plays. I’m thinking this is from the secret admirer, but is it Ted’s admirer, or Maryse’s?

Eve Torres & R-Truth def. Maryse & Ted DiBiase by pinfall

Wade Barrett and John Cena are shown walking backstage; their match is next.

Members of the Indianapolis Colts are sitting at ringside, and Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho is announced as next week’s main event.

Cena’s music hits and the crowd pops or him. He salutes, and runs to the ring. From West Newbury, Massachusetts, he is introduced. He runs the ropes and tosses his hat and shirt into the crowd. Next out is Wade Barrett, who is accompanied by the rest of what is left of Nexus. Barrett walks down the ramp, telling his stable members to stay where they are, so they stand on the stage. Barrett grabs a mic and steps onto the announce table. To a chorus of boos, Barrett announces that there’s been a slight change of plans. He says he knows the he wants to face him, but he heard him say that he wanted to take Nexus out one-by-one. Barrett says that if Cena can beat Tarver, Gabriel, Slater, and Otunga one after the other, then he gets to face Barrett. Barrett says the alternative option is for Nexus to collectively kick in Cena’s teeth, as a unit. The fans chant “one by one,” and so Cena says bring it on.

Heath Slater runs down first, and Cena takes immediate control. Near fall for two. Cena whips Slater but is met with a boot. Slater fights back with some right hands, then jumps into Cena in the corner and hits a right hand and a dropkick while Cena is seated. Slater pins Cena, but he kicks out, then Slater hits a Manhattan drop and a neckbreaker in succession. Another pin for a near fall, and Slater punches Cena in the face. Cena fights back with some right fists of his own, but runs right into a flapjack from Slater. Slater covers Cena again, 1, 2, Cena kicks out. Slater goes to the top rope, and splashes Cena, but Cena rolls him over and through, so Cena picks him up on and tosses him on his shoulders, and hits an attitude adjustment on him. Cena pins Slater, 1, 2, 3.

John Cena def. Heath Slater by pinfall

One man down, and Barrett watches on as David Otunga makes his way to face Cena after a commercial break. Back from the break, Otunga is shouldering Cena into the turnbuckle. Otunga hits a right hand on Cena, then picks him up and hits a suplex on Cena. Otunga hits another suplex on Cena, then covers him for a near fall. Otunga stands over Cena, and looks like he will attempt the trifecta suplex. Cena surprisingly rolls Otunga up into a small package though, for 1, 2, 3! A surprise pin sends Otunga out of the gauntlet match now.

John Cena def. David Otunga by pinfall

Michael Tarver tosses his shirt down and runs down to the ring next. Tarver kicks Cena in the corner and pounds away at him. Tarver continues the assault, pounding and stomping at Cena to wear him down, but runs right into a boot. Cena applies the STF on Tarver, and now Tarver taps out!

John Cena def. Michael Tarver by submission

Gabriel is the fourth and final man Cena has to beat before he faces Barrett, and down the ramp he runs. Gabriel slides into the ring. Gabirel runs under a clothesline, bounces off the ropes and slides under Cena. Gabriel pops up and hits a wheel kick on Cena. Gabriel covers Cena, 1, 2, kick out. Gabriel kicks at Cena, then hits a jumping kick to Cena’s jaw to knock Cena down. Another pin for a nearfall by Gabriel on Cena. Gabriel steps to the apron, then catapults himself over the ropes and hits a flipping senton on Cena. Gabriel pins Cena again, for a near fall. Gabriel punches at Cena in the corner, and Cena finally fights back with punches, kicks, and a huge dropkick! Cena pins Gabriel, 1, 2, kick out. Cena heads to the top rope, but Gabriel stops Cena and hits a few punches on Cena to stun him. Gabriel executes a superplex on Cena and covers him. 1, 2, Cena kicks out.

Gabriel sets Cena up for something, and hits a springboard moonsault onto him. Cover, 1, 2, Cena kicks out again! Cena craws around as Gabriel stands over Cena, ready to strike. Gabriel attempts a suplex, but Cena hooks the leg, and counters into a suplex of his own. Cena pins Gabriel now, 1, 2, no he kicks out. They trade blows now, and Gabriel plants Cena down with a modified rock bottom. Pin, 1, 2, Cena kicks out. Gabriel splashes Cena in the corner. Gabriel springboards from the apron but misses. Cena hits a shoulder block and a back body drop on Gabriel to shift the momentum. He tells Barrett that he can’t see him, and hits the five knuckle shuffle on Gabriel. Before he can get into position to hit Gabriel with his finisher, however, Otunga, Tarver, and Slater rush the ring and beat on Cena. The ref rings the bell to end the match. Barrett enters the ring with a steel chair, but Cena fights off all the Nexus members and tackles Barrett. Cena grabs the chair and swings it around so Nexus flees up the ramp to the stage.

John Cena def. Justin Gabriel by disqualification; Cena runs the gauntlet

Nexus yells as Cena grabs the mic. Cena says Barrett owes him: Cena says it’s time to end it, now! Barrett says that it’s quite the offer, but he doesn’t see anything that he can gain by laying him to waste once more. Barrett says that he needs something to sweeten the deal if they were to fight again. Cena says to name it. Barrett says he has just the ticket. He says that Cena claims that he will do anything for his fans, but now Barrett would like to see Cena put himself on the line. Barrett says that he has tried to recruit Cena in the past, but that he threw it back in his face. This time, Barrett wants to take the choice out of his hands. Barrett says he will fight Cena at Hell In A Cell on one condition: if Barrett wins, Cena becomes a part of Nexus, no ifs, no, buts, no maybes, no excuses, and no escape clauses. If Barrett wins, Cena joins the Nexus! The crowd boos, and Cena says that Barrett’s on, and he will not back down from a fight. But Cena says that they’ve gotta make this big! Cena is putting his life blood on the line, so he wants a stipulation too: If Cena wins, Nexus is DONE! That means Tarver goes back to Macy’s and sells women’s fragrances, Gabriel goes back to the twinkie factory to fill the twinkies with crème, Otunga goes back to mooching off of his wife, even though that won’t change much, Slater goes back to working at Wendy’s as the chick from Wendy’s, and Wade Barrett goes back to the winner of NXT season 1, the man who had a golden ticket, but flushed his golden opportunity down the toilet. Cena asks Barrett if he’s on, and Barrett responds that he is indeed on. This concludes Monday Night Raw.


The Miz for drawing heat and putting on another phenomenal show. Awesome really does seem to be the standard for him, which is saying something for consistency’s sake. Look for him and Daniel Bryan to lock up one more time at Hell in a Cell before they go their separate ways for a bit. This rivalry, however, will not be over for quite some time.

Layla for proving to me that she can actually wrestle. I mean she did hit a nice move on Melina, who was the heavy favorite in their match. Time will tell what happens to her and McCool and the Diva’s Championship(s). At least things are interesting in the women’s division.

John Morrison because he put on a great match with Chris Jericho. Maybe part of this was Jericho making him look so good again, but I’ve given props to Jericho too much lately. This man and Gabriel have some exciting moves in their repertoires.

Maryse for not taking DiBiase’s crap after the match. She deserves better!

Zack Ryder plays the dumb jock role very well.
The Miz is the anti-Rock. And I like it.
The Gauntlet Match kept things interesting between Cena and Nexus. I can’t wait for the Cena-Barrett match at HIAC.

Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison

The Miz destroying Daniel Bryan. Captivating, evil, violent. The Miz spewed pure hatred.

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