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By Anthony Santiago

OMG! Baby girls….That Horny Hairy – Larry as in FLYNT has offered Casey Anthony $500,000 and 10% of all profits from a magazine layout of her nude in his Hustler Magazine. CNN has reported that recently on HLN’s Nancy “Pizza Face” Grace’s Show that he is involved in ongoing talks to have the “Tot Mom” appear on the pages of his stained magazine. Flynt, was quoted as saying, “If they want to get their hands on big money, they’ve got to go through me.” About a decade ago, my toothless moron of a husband Georgie Girl – Santiago was asked to do a full frontal gumless centerfold shoot in Gumboy Magazine and he did it without hesitation.

By doing it, he thought he would see his heyday come again when he did Gay Porn in the 1970’s where he was billed as GG  with the small Pee Pee. (Aint no lying with that billing!) When I read that Hairy – Larry was trying to get Casey to do his stained magazine, I called Georgie Girl – Santiago who was at work down at Walmart on 1372 Broadway.

When I told him, he nearly flipped his wig and yelled in the phone, “I WILL TAKE IT OFF” for half that fee Hairy – Larry is willing to pay Casey. (Note to gummy – dummy husband: Your body is not what it once was and even when it was younger, it was not all that you old Queen.)

As much as this Queen loves her porn and the right to watch it in this here United States (these colors don’t run) I hope little ole Casey Anthony passes on taking it off for Hairy – Larry.

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