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Manny Pacquiao – Timothy Bradley – Last Minute Thoughts & the GOD Factor – Boxing News

By Geno McGahee

The HBO 24/7 series really brings you into the lives of the two combatants that we will see mix it up in Las Vegas tonight. Manny Pacquiao, 54-3-2, 38 KO’s, looks quick with his blazing combinations as he hits the bag, and Freddie Roach has said that he hasn’t seen his fighter this focused in a long time. The heavy favorite, Pacquiao, has some questions that may be answered tonight. Is the mental pressure of domestic issues at home, infighting in camp, and money problems going to play a factor in the fight tonight? Manny’s new love of his God may also play a role tonight. Will he be less aggressive? Will he think too much in there and leave an opening for Timothy Bradley, 28-0, 12 KO’s?

Bradley has the look of a fighter that is willing to die in the ring tonight to win this fight. This is his everything and he seemed more determined than any other boxer that I can think of in recent memory. He store down a smiling Pacquiao, looked fantastic at 147 pounds and may be more than Manny is expecting in the ring.

At 140, Bradley dominated but he is facing a new beast in Pacquiao and I’m of the belief that the Filipino is only about 80% of what he once was when he was dominating the lighter weight classes. He is slower and easier to hit…which will create some opportunities for Bradley tonight.

My prediction is still a Pacquiao victory, but this fight will be a tough one for him if he doesn’t land and get out of there early. If PacMan can’t hurt Bradley early, we will have a great contest on our hands and maybe an upset. Get ready…this should be interesting.

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