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Jessica Sanchez: Manny Pacquiao, American Idol & the Upset of the Boxing Year

By Vinnie Franklin

Yah know that I don’t usually write about boxing baby. I write about MMA, but this entire hullabaloo about a robbery has the Vin-Man thinking pugilism. I was at my favorite bar and the hot little thing served me a drink as I watched the fight. I thought that the fight was close and boring and made me realize just why I love the MMA so much man. They lay it out. They don’t cry like Pacquiao and his team did baby. I think Bradley did enough to win. Why not? He was in there and was competitive with Pacquiao.

All of these Filipino PacFans are nuts. I saw a few of them at the bar nearly crying when the decision was announced. Get a life people. Stop living vicariously through this gambling, cheating buffoon. He smiles like a slow person.

The highlight of my night was seeing that sweetheart, Jessica Sanchez do her thing. She came close to winning American Idol and has a bright future ahead of her for sure. The girl can sing!

I tip my hat to Bradley for behaving like a champion and Sanchez for giving my ears some nice candy. Thank you baby.

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