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Casey Anthony News: CAYLEE, MOVIE DEAL, NANCY GRACE & MORE! – Tot Mom Update

By Geno McGahee

The biggest court case in history, popularity wise, was the Casey Anthony case. Her young daughter, Caylee, went missing and would later be found dead with the lead suspect being the “Tot Mom.” Nancy Grace was the leader of the movement to get Casey locked up infinitely, but to the shock of everyone, she was found not guilty.

On Monday, the attorney for Anthony, Cheney Mason, stated that Anthony was not advised of her right to remain silent or her right to an attorney when she made the statements in 2008, regarding her missing daughter. Mason contends that the four misdemeanor charges that are still lingering over the head of Casey should be thrown out. The charges involve her lying to the authorities.

There is a made for TV Lifetime movie in the works involving this case and Casey. The case was so hot and the characters involved so interesting that the network expects and will get big ratings from it.

Anthony is also fighting a lawsuit from a woman with a similar name to the fictitious nanny that she said kidnapped young Caylee. The odds are that she will beat that one, but the interest in Casey is still very strong and she will be big news in the months and years to come.

Stay tuned…

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