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Jessica Sanchez – AMERICAN IDOL UPDATE – Glee Bound & More

By Vinnie Franklin

Anybody else going through American Idol withdrawal? I’m there baby and this Hell’s Kitchen ain’t fitting the bill. I need some of that music and dancing that we all love, and now I have to wait until the next season.

Jessica Sanchez, the runner up last season, has been making some waves. The girl goes and sings the anthem at the Manny Pacquiao – Timothy Bradley fight, has bookings all over the world to perform and now is booked on the show GLEE? You go girl. You know how to stay in the news.

GLEE is one of those shows that are like a train wreck. You can’ t help but to watch even though it’s horrible. Sanchez will bring some class to it and you can take that to the bank people.

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