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Step Right Up Folks and See the Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, JR and Antonio Margarito Circus Side Show for Free

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

PT Barnum is turning over in his grave right now to see what Circus’ have become today. Just this week alone, in our beloved sport of boxing you had Floyd Mayweather, JR. acting like a complete nut job spewing racial slurs at Manny Pacquiao and then this past Friday, he shoots another video saying “Hey, I didn’t mean it.” No, you said it, you meant it and even if you didn’t, but were just pulling a publicity stunt, then it back fired. Where is your so called team that surrounds you to put foot in ass when you do something like this? They are paid to protect you and if they thought that was a good PR move, time to fire and hire a totally new group of people. Message to Floyd. You are a fantastic fighter, with proven skills, but to take this route does nothing in securing your place in history. If you want to prove something face Manny in the ring not on Youtube!

Now, for you folks that think Manny is out of the clear, don’t get too comfortable especially those Fan boy/Groupie Journalists out there who like to plant lips firmly to Manny’s backside. The recent quotes by you that Antonio Margarito has paid for what he did is well, ridiculous. What if he fought your brother Bobby Pacquiao and did the damage he wreaked on Miguel Cotto? Would you fight him and allow him to get the biggest payday in his career? Would you say he paid his dues and should be allowed to box? I think not! You can take all the pictures you want smiling and promoting this sham of a fight with Margarito, but in the end, real boxing fans know it’s an absolute sin on what your promoter is doing/you are co-signing on. Business sure, but bad business all the way! You are better than this Manny and you have an entire country that loves you in the PI… You owed it to them to turn the fight down with this cheater!

Boxing fans continue to voice your disgust at both fighters and take the money for the PPV and hit a buffet line or something with your lady and if you don’t have one, then enjoy it yourself. That is money much better spent.

By the way, did anyone really think Floyd was sincere in this new video?

I am curious to hear the RSR readers thoughts on the video so register and let your voice be heard.

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