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Ultimate Warrior: WWE RETURN CONFIRMED & Backstage Fight Recalled

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. I just got word that the so-called “Warrior” may be returning to the WWE and some sites are saying that it’s confirmed. Well, I just got a call from Vinnie Mac and he has asked me to come back on a temporary basis and I told him that if the painted dude is there, there will be fireworks brother.

In 1986, I was hanging with my old pal, Chris Adams, when this painted fool with a mustache walked over. He was a muscle head brother and he wanted to start with me, but you don’t start with a weapon of masked destruction brother. They carried him out of there man and that man was known then as the “Dingo Warrior,” but you know him as the Ultimate Warrior. The dude is a joke.

Now, there are the rumors that the Warrior is coming back to the WWE. It’s not true brother. Nobody wants that clown.

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